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  1. CuteGothLolita

    Until I Become Me - Ch. 63

    Akira's relationship with Aoi is what would be considered a typical girl-with-girl friendship. Akira's relationship with Rumi is way beyond that .... It's actually poised on the brink of Yuri, IMO.
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    Magical Trans! - Vol. 6 Ch. 63 - Climactic Showdown ~Finale~

    Opon first appears in Chapter 17, as a counterpart to the Mascot of the Maniacal Girl, Sonnen. However, Opon does not get the power to transform into a composite Magical Girl until Chapter 37, when he transforms into a female, and she is infused with a blended power of the three Maho girls...
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    Until I Become Me - Ch. 62

    It does seem that any romantic vibes that may have occurred between the two came mostly from Shouma. In Chapter 25, Shouma 'stiffens up' when he touches hands with Akira, wherein Akira has almost no reaction to that happening, other than telling herself that she is still socially incompetent at...
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    Until I Become Me - Ch. 62

    I took it to mean that when Akira's hands and wrists pressed against Nasumi's boobs, Akira was surprised about how much bigger and softer Natsumi's boobs have become, since Akira has known her, at least compared to her own modest bust growth. How much of Akira's original male DNA is left in her...
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    Until I Become Me

    nao 1999 said, "I hope Akira x Shouma will be a couple ...." The two are a couple in Chapters 48 & 49, when Shouma accompanies Akira to the Summer Festival. Akira wears a yukata for the very first time, plus Shouma guides the two of them away from the friends, and spends the rest of the...
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    Magical Trans!

    Crowbot writes--- "At least, when not in Magical Girl form. I suppose genderfluid would presently be an appropriate term." Seems possible that the term 'Bigender' would be a descriptive alternate term for Minami / Magical Curry / Karii Maki. The designation 'Bigender' is part of and under the...
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    Mahou Shoujo Bu e Youkoso! - Vol. 1 Ch. 2

    Doesn't the Transformation change Minami into an anatomically correct Magical Girl, or into an ordinary teenage girl ? Well, maybe not in this doujinshi version !
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    Ningen ni Koisuru Shinigami-chan

    Pink hair and pink/light red eyes on a cute, adorable female body---the perfect combination for a modern Grim Reaper !
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    I'm the Only One Not Crossdressing!?

    nakonako "Other manga like this please?" Glittery Yell Cheer Club / Sparkle Yell ...
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    Magical Trans! - Vol. 6 Ch. 60 - Childhood Friends

    For comparison, a large deluxe pizza in Ohio, USA, from a typical pizza delivery service, these days would cost about $23-$27 USD. So three of those kind of pizzas delivered would cost about $70-$80 USD, plus a tip, would bring the total to about $90 USD, which is about what the story depicted...
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    Until I Become Me - Ch. 59

    "Reread the whole series again and man am I shipping Ruri x Akira hard !" Akira has already done a Love Confession to Rumi.
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    Also, just so everyone knows, this has a FANDOM Wiki---
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    Ore ga Watashi ni Naru made - Vol. 1 Ch. 11

    Thank you, urugiru, for your decision to keep translating Until I Become Me. You work and commitment are very important to myself, as well as other fans, I am sure. I am creating and editing a Wiki on FANDOM about the manga Until I Become Me (...
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    Magical Trans! - Vol. 4 Ch. 43 - Newly Discovered Sisters

    Seems like Akira is going to have to 'put up or shut up' about his true intentions of cross-dressing as a 'Maniacal Girl', or as an ordinary girl, Kaitani, the one who was found staring at themselves in the mirror. The 'gender-bender' themes of all such characters are getting really interesting...
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    I'm the Only One Not Crossdressing!? - Ch. 4

    The story chapter (page 12) doesn't definitively say for sure. But if I had to hazard a guess, my vote is on the fact that Akasaki was wearing girl's panties. Seems that they would not do anything this important half assed.
  16. CuteGothLolita

    I'm the Only One Not Crossdressing!? - Ch. 3

    It's good that this manga portrays Ueda as a serious, mature, emotionally stable, very self-confident teenage person who is presenting as a cute teenage girl, and not as a comic relief buffoon, like the straight(?) MC, Tozawa. She makes a good role model for others who wish to present as a girl...
  17. CuteGothLolita

    Koisuru (Otome) no Tsukurikata - Vol. 2 Ch. 8

    Note that Midou goes from 'I want so many more people to see how cute and adorable Hiura is' before he takes the pictures by the stream, to 'I want all these pictures of how cute Hiura is all to myself', after he takes the pictures ! What a turnabout ! ( And Hiura without tights, with completely...
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    Ore ga Watashi ni Naru made - Vol. 1 Ch. 9

    Thanks for the much better English translation. Please continue the good work of translating. These better translations are being used to upgrade the text of the Until I Become Me Wiki, done in the English language.
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    Koisuru (Otome) no Tsukurikata - Vol. 2 Ch. 6.9 - Extras - #HiuraEveryDay

    No. 9, the Mahou Shoujo girl, is the best. To think that Hiura has that kind of ultra-feminine power at her command at the twist of her wrist and the wave of her wand ! Plus she must have one hell of a Henshin !!!