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  1. goro-goro

    The Fake Alchemist - Vol. 1 Ch. 2.1

    do it for the disabled elf
  2. goro-goro

    Bouken ni wa, Buki ga Hitsuyou da! ~Kodawari Rudy no Kajiya Kurashi~ - Vol. 1 Ch. 1

    One day she will make the ultimate weapon, metal gear!
  3. goro-goro

    Oshinobi Dousei - Vol. 2 Ch. 24

    Secret ingredient is her venom :worry:
  4. goro-goro

    Tensai Majo no Maryoku Kare - Vol. 3 Ch. 51

    theres an impostor amogus
  5. goro-goro

    Tensai Majo no Maryoku Kare - Vol. 3 Ch. 50

    mc is master's disciples, so males who can use magic do exist but maybe they fall into wizard category which are not allow to go inside witches fest :thonk:
  6. goro-goro

    Onna Shogun x Heisotsu - Ch. 18 - Showdown!

    she was hoping for a dreamy shojo prince charming
  7. goro-goro

    Tensai Majo no Maryoku Kare - Vol. 3 Ch. 50

    maybe because male witches are mages, or wizard
  8. goro-goro

    Cacomistle's Anthology - Ch. 31 - Beautiful maid, Skilled couple

    one of them turned into one of those cocoon b.o.w.s. from resident evil 6 and then rebirth from it :pacman:
  9. goro-goro

    Wakeari Shinrei Mansion - Ch. 31 - The Shinonome Mystery ②

    i was expecting she saw a ghost that looks like his dad or smth
  10. goro-goro

    Okitsune Gal Katabami-san - Ch. 5

    thats the second time i saw kitsune forcefuly dragging someone by tugging their collar dont ask whats the first one is
  11. goro-goro

    Makina-san no Mama Naranai Hibi - Ch. 2 - He's An Adult, Right?

    thats just the beta tester job, they have blursed ability to find any glitch or bugs in a silly way imaginable
  12. goro-goro

    Makina-san no Mama Naranai Hibi - Ch. 1 - Makina Mama's Unbecoming Daily Life

    wait, what if he was a baby that previously taken care by her :thonk:
  13. goro-goro

    Henjo - Hen na Joshi Kousei Amaguri Senko - Vol. 19 Ch. 125

    how much 48000 yen is in vietnamese dongs
  14. goro-goro

    Exorcist wa Midara ni Aragau - Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - Request #1

    she seems like the loli baba type, hope she talk old english like futo :meguupog:
  15. goro-goro

    Kekkaishi e no Tensei - Ch. 42

    isnt fishing with bombs, electric coils, etc are illegal :huh:
  16. goro-goro

    Obokoi Majo wa Majiwaritai! - Vol. 5 Ch. 26

    Four student venture in the forest they came out with thousand yard stare
  17. goro-goro

    Sotozura wa Saikou na no ni, Ie de wa Honsei Mukidashi no Gimai - Ch. 1

    Another verbal abuse girl? :meguupog:
  18. goro-goro

    Hakobiya ni wa Omosugiru - Oneshot

    when courier become too sentimental with the platinum chip