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  1. lukopii

    Suki yori mo Chikaku

    This was such a good read... Not very annoying everything went smooth.. Really glad that the teacher kept his ethics and just kissed.. Which is fine.. And love how everyone supports them.. Tho I really wanted to see something like after her graduation and all.. But it's fine.. It's good! ✨😌
  2. lukopii

    MPD Psycho - Vol. 20 Ch. 124 - SOUL WARP

    I am just so grateful to you miss.. Cause you are taking your time to translate it and im in no hurry cause you have given me new hope.. Cause of you now we can all see this manga to the end 🙇‍♀️🛐🛐🛐🛐 THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART 💕
  3. lukopii

    MPD Psycho - Vol. 20 Ch. 124 - SOUL WARP

    Hello to the person uploaded this chapter please keep uploading I know it's gonna be hard.. Take all the time you want if you need help I can help probably!! So please cause even if there are few people reading your translation we still looking forward to it and very grateful to you!! Please...
  4. lukopii

    MPD PSYCHO [Didn't read the rules]

    Yoooo guys!! do you all knw about the manga "MPD PSYCHO" it was stopped translating for years now.. But just 2 days ago a person translated a new chapter and uploded it... So if you guys can help me find the person who updated it.. It would be helpfull.. It would be a good news for us all if we...
  5. lukopii

    MPD Psycho - Vol. 20 Ch. 124 - SOUL WARP

    Can someone tell me who is person who translated this.. I wanna talk and request and begg that person to keep translating.. And if they need help cause I'm ready to help however I can only if I can get to read it... I can do anything