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    Aisare Tenshi na Classmate ga, Ore ni Dake Itazura ni Hohoemu - Ch. 1

    some feedback here: when there's a handwritten sentence, you should erase/RD it instead of having the translation by it. that works for sound effects, but those are still part of the dialogue when splitting a word between lines, add a hyphen at the end of the first chunk chatgpt is not a...
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    Manga page sharethread

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    soon [IMG]

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    Karekore the Half Blood - Vol. 1 Ch. 1

  5. orechan

    Liar! Gokuou-kun - Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - A Lying Transfer Student Has Arrived!

    yeah i did find the old one on an aggregator site, but the resolution was so small that i genuinely couldn't read some of the dialogue
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    Song of the day?

    GOTTA be ado's new single
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    Brainrot Girlfriend - Ch. 6 - Brainrot Outbreak

    why are there five of this chapter? :worry:
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    what anime are you watching rn ?

    lucky star with some friends. it's fun
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    Duel Masters LOST: Crystal of Remembrance - Ch. 5 - Chapter 5

    more corocoro, you guys are doin great!
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    Maybe you should try getting a job

    can't tell if this is a group or a suggestion to scanners lol
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    Resources/advice for improving translations.

    i agree on the "creative writing" sentiment completely. one of my favorite things is my "rules" i have in place for my main series and how i handle puns/references in it. i prefer to remain in the spirit of the original than transliterate kanji based or english-katakana based puns understanding...
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    forgot to post, new release! [IMG]

    forgot to post, new release!
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    Black Channel - Vol. 4 Ch. 16 - The Ultimate Opponent Appears! (PART 1)

    i love when he does lil things like that in the background
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    Orechan Scans

    we've expanded! now there is someone in a dedicated clrd position
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    Liar! Gokuou-kun

    so this series has been abandoned for years, huh? lemme see what i can do about that :smugnako:
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    new black channel [IMG]

    new black channel
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    Black Channel - Vol. 3 Ch. 15.5 - BONUS: One Night Werewolf!

    oh damn, good idea! i looked around and these are as good of scans of each card as you can get packaging: cards: left to right: Black: Werewolf Black: Werewolf Camera-chan: Fortune Teller Sidi, Hisame, and Kagechiyo (Konketsu no Karekore): Thief Jii-san (Zettai Zetsumei: Dangerous Jii-san)...
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    the new "funniest out of context dialogue i've put on something" award goes to [IMG]

    the new "funniest out of context dialogue i've put on something" award goes to
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    MMORPGs with chibi/cute art styles?

    mabinogi does have a nice style! i didn't know it was on steam as well as mobile, i'll put that on the list to check out