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  1. Impakin

    Akuma Koujo - Ch. 11

    miss heroine is heree
  2. Impakin

    Aekanaru - Vol. 4 Ch. 31

    this is so cute omg they are so so adorable with their love
  3. Impakin

    Skip and Loafer - Vol. 7 Ch. 41.5 - Volume 7 Omake

    didnt know they were dating thats so cute
  4. Impakin

    Skip and Loafer - Vol. 7 Ch. 41 - Fluffy Spring

    it felt so sudden that im blushing too damn
  5. Impakin

    Skip and Loafer - Vol. 5 Ch. 27 - Heartache Girls, Pt. 2

    yuri? yessir !! i beg of you author pls
  6. Impakin

    OOPARTS - Ch. 97

    story is actually great, but holy shit the sped up removed so much info and it could've been so much better of a story.
  7. Impakin

    OOPARTS - Ch. 93

    these last 30 or so chapters have been so cool, but I feel like there is so much either info missing or something. this would've been better if it happened like in ch200 and such.
  8. Impakin

    OOPARTS - Ch. 62

    mimicry is such a based power, ngl
  9. Impakin

    OOPARTS - Ch. 43

    pretty cool !
  10. Impakin

    OOPARTS - Ch. 31

  11. Impakin

    OOPARTS - Ch. 20

    they're pretty smart
  12. Impakin

    Dorei wo Choukyoushite Harem Tsukuru - Ch. 30

    ayo her what are bigger?
  13. Impakin

    Akuma Koujo - Vol. 2 Ch. 10

    I remember reading this moment in the web novel. It's so funny.
  14. Impakin

    what's Fed-Kun's army...

    what's Fed-Kun's army...
  15. Impakin

    Maybe Meant to Be - Ch. 65

  16. Impakin

    Robo Maid ga Kanjou Yutaka ni Naru Hanashi - Ch. 5 - My Robo Maid and the machine doctor

    pretty sure there is a yuri manga about having their first time with their maid android -> It is this one.
  17. Impakin

    Akuma Koujo - Vol. 2 Ch. 7

    Still wish that they adapted Vol1 to 4, they were pretty cool. Maybe one day I will see Millaine.
  18. Impakin

    Akuma Koujo - Vol. 2 Ch. 7

    After reading the WebNovel, the events are so different. Like, this moment was supposed to be her older sister and she was like 5 instead. Very different but I'm curious to what will happen after. Edit: All hail Yuru/Yuzu !