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    One Punch Man (Webcomic/Original) - Ch. 71

    Poor tatsumaki is a sandbag in the webcomic lol.
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    Record of Ragnarok - Ch. 78 - The Sun God and the Rebellious Hero

    Right? Not only a really boring design, this chapter didnt have the same feeling of the other ones, we didnt even see whos pairing with him. Author decided to suddenly rush things?
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    Franken Fran Frantic - Vol. 8 Ch. 49 - Mommy's Home

    Honestly for me this was the biggest WTF chapter from the series, like damn dont mess with someone mother like that :worry:
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    Sensei No Koto, Kusugutte Ageru - Vol. 4 Ch. 26

    Well its another shit slice of life manga, sadly i took 26 chapters to percieve it. One day japan will grow out of these stupid plots, i hope... Not even to keep going with the only reason this manga exists, the tickling fetish.
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    The Woman Who Messes With My Emotions (2022) - Ch. 7

    Seems that the author finally got things going, now we are getting some really good faces like 774 do.
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    Setting Things Straight With Brats - Ch. 3.11 - The Menhera Girl Who Accidentally Killed Her Boyfriend

    thats how you ruin things, lets just appreciate what we have for now. Not everything needs change and progression.
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    The Skeleton Soldier Failed to Defend the Dungeon - Ch. 233

    Everyone bowing down to mangadex is not good at all, and anyone is allowed to have their own site if they want. You are just being entitled.
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    My Animal-Eared Maid Is at Home - Ch. 8

    They get a fever even in a beach, theres something wrong with these people in manga :questionblob:
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    The Woman Who Messes With My Emotions (2022)

    Should rename this to "the author who messes with my emotions" instead...
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    Namaiki Imouto-chan - Vol. 2 Ch. 8 - You'll regret this...

    For anyone who feels that something awakened, go search for the art of iyapan 🙏
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    I Want to Punch Women! - Ch. 5

    Hey, good ending!?
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    Iron Ladies - Ch. 464 - Not a joke. It's real.

    I can confidently say that this was a 10/10 until +- chapter 200.... but now i feel like i'm reading a parody of itself, man.... there is nothing more about why i was reading this, its basically just a chinese history book now.
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    I Want to Punch Women! - Ch. 4

    I did not expect this at all, lmfao what?
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    Dorei wo Choukyoushite Harem Tsukuru - Ch. 23

    After years we can finally read the horrid takes here again, incredible.
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    Team Leader Report

    let me just go and... ntr?
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    Dekoboko Nymphomania - Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - Guard Your Left

    its been 3 fucking years, nice
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    Peerless Battle Spirit - Ch. 272

    How many times he is going to break tru randomly in this arc? author???