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  1. ladiance

    Hope You're Happy, Lemon - Ch. 5

    Do you smell it? Author is cooking! So let her cook!!!
  2. ladiance

    Uchuujin no Kakushigoto - Vol. 1 Ch. 6 - Jealousy

    Finally - best story about alien in the school
  3. ladiance

    Mieruko-chan - Ch. 53

    Maan... Hana is OP!
  4. ladiance

    Ijousha - Oneshot

  5. ladiance

    The Fragrant Flower Blooms With Dignity - Vol. 8 Ch. 60 - Kikyo and Chidori

    So things is that teachers repeat that Chidori is bad, and sheeps trust it... All hail Madoka!
  6. ladiance

    Food Court de, Mata Ashita. - Ch. 17

    I feel it too Wada
  7. ladiance

    Kanojo, Okarishimasu - Vol. 21 Ch. 180 - The Girlfriend and Determination

    Reiji: it was close! I almost did it!
  8. ladiance

    Food Court de, Mata Ashita. - Vol. 1 Ch. 0

  9. ladiance

    Kanojo, Okarishimasu - Vol. 21 Ch. 179 - The Girlfriend and the Tiger’s Den (Part 4)

    Another bush, another beating.. welp, is there more bushes for beating.. Oh my, silly me! Of course there is!
  10. ladiance

    Idol to Otaku no Risou no Kankei

    Well, trashy? Not so much, I have seen worse works than this. Her love was twisted and at the end they gave us answer why it's like this. True End seems out of story, it's obvious that author packed leftover ideas in this lone "extra" chapter. 9/10 just for overall story pase, twists and...