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    Parallel Paradise - Vol. 26 Ch. 252 - Believe Achieve

    Obviously it's old age. Now it's already obvious the elf ointment gonna heal (fix) her face and become what she'd look like without the blood.
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    Majutsu Gakuin wo Shuseki de Sotsugyoushita Ore ga Boukensha wo Hajimeru no wa sonna ni okashii darouka - Vol. 7 Ch. 35

    thanks after clicking the comment section, I succeeded in growing cancer's tumor that has cancer, I will see you all in hell 😃, 🔪, 🪦, 💀
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    Reincarnation Coliseum - Vol. 3 Ch. 15 - Pembunuh dari timur

    bang jangan bang 🗿malah jd ntr
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    Kedamonotachi no Jikan ~Kyouisonshou Kougun~ - Vol. 6 Ch. 36

    thanks for the heart disease, much love
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    Kichiku Eiyuu - Vol. 7 Ch. 52

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    Dragon Yashinatte Kudasai - Ch. 4

    Smoky flavor of that grilled water mm yes
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    A World That I Rule - Ch. 41 - Ch. 41

    this is the best pornhwa ever made it doesn't belong in the rating of 1-10 but instead goes into the negative. it hurt so bad that it's good. If I am the mc, will I do the same thing? Absolutely. No story has yet to break me this good, and I meant the word 'best', this story keep haunting me...
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    Daddy's Sexy Doll - Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - Going Out Mode

    is this the pov of girls in school lol
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    Sensitive Boy - Ch. 35 - A Young Boy's Normal

    this shit distort my head. you can just buy love
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    Sensitive Boy - Ch. 34 - Parting Ways

    she just jump + shift for quick dash 💀
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    Confinement King - Vol. 3 Ch. 14 - Fumio’s Lust Will Not Be Quenched!

    Yes, loki. this is the reason. I hope yoi understand now. and f you.
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    Parallel Paradise - Vol. 24 Ch. 240 - Witch of Drawing Blood

    time to awaken big dick energy