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    Until I Become Me - Ch. 63

    Could this mean we are nearing the end?
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    Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai

    Anime announced
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    Jikobukken no Yuurei-chan - Vol. 2 Ch. 8

    Pick up just at the right time as the translations restart, shame it's only two volumes long. This series kinda reminds me of Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasaretai in a way.
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    Yashiro no Maou - Ch. 1

    Does this series count as gender bender?
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    Ichigo no Haitta Soda-sui - Vol. 4 Ch. 57

    Did the translator died?
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    Henjin no Salad Bowl - Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - The Arrival of a Genius (from Another World) - 1

    Finally someone picked it up, can't wait for the anime.
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    Egao No Taenai Shokuba Desu

    It figures
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    Fushigi na Neko no Machi Meltier - Ch. 1 - Nice to meet you, Cat Town

    Reminds me of Haibane Renmei, maybe this will turn out to be an isekai.
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    Ichigo no Haitta Soda-sui - Vol. 3 Ch. 38

    I wonder if this means that the drama club will try to recruit Luna to join them full time.
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    Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san - Vol. 8 Ch. 86 - Our Daily Lives

    It couldn't be axed since they are still releasing new merchandise every few months, guess the author just ran out of ideas and just decided to end it while it was ahead.
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    Hontouni Subete Ushinau TS Musume - Ch. 32

    Yuri flag has been triggered
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    Houkago Teibou Nisshi - Vol. 9 Ch. 48 - Shinkei-Jime

    Oono is a psychopath
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    The Unrivaled Mememori-kun - Ch. 13.8 - Recapped! 07

    Pretty soon there will be enough recap chapters to fill a whole volume.
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    I'm Dating a Monster Who Devoured the Woman I Loved and Replaced Her - Ch. 14

    I'm guessing that the monster is just keeping him around as a emergency food supply.