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  1. starbrownie

    Toilet-bound Hanako-kun - Ch. 113 - Changes (Part 2)

    teru's mister steal ur girl bruh wtf why did they erase hanako but not tsukasa thats not cool
  2. starbrownie

    The Villainess Is Shy in Receiving Affection - Ch. 48

    bruh they don't have to be doing all this when they don't even proofread
  3. starbrownie

    Hoshi no Ouka - Vol. 1 Ch. 6.2 - Supernova (2)

    huh that was fast lol
  4. starbrownie

    Medalist - Vol. 10 Ch. 37 - Junior Grand Prix

    bro thanks so much for the chapter, hopefully you have time to continue or someone else can pick it up. i love this manga so much
  5. starbrownie

    Harebare Biyori - Ch. 15 - A Day of Summer for Rui-kun

    pretty sure that card game is spit, guess the games called speed poker in japan. spit has like a bunch of names in english tho. it's really fun since it is a speed game
  6. starbrownie

    Maou Reijou no Shikousha - Ch. 5

    why is she naked lol
  7. starbrownie

    【OSHI NO KO】 - Ch. 132 - NINO

    huh thats intresting, whats kamiki planning now
  8. starbrownie

    Lord Baby Runs a Romance Fantasy With Cash - Ch. 40

    ????????????????? bruh thats a 30 chap gap
  9. starbrownie

    Mairimashita! Iruma-kun - Ch. 321 - So it was you

    wow you didnt have to do azz like that
  10. starbrownie

    Kara no Kioku - Vol. 4 Ch. 30 - Key

    honestly ive been so lost in whats happening in the plot, should reread but like i dont want to
  11. starbrownie

    [Oshi no Ko] - Ch. 125.2

    ??? why again almost got excited
  12. starbrownie

    Hinata no Blue - Vol. 6 Ch. 24

  13. starbrownie

    King the land - Ch. 1

    make sure you guys set it to long strip next time
  14. starbrownie

    Saigo ni Hitotsu Dake Onegai Shite mo Yoroshii Deshou ka - Vol. 7 Ch. 36

    those cursive fonts are really hard to read