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  1. Roler

    Isekai de Tochi o Katte Noujou o Tsukurou - Ch. 49

    Thanks for all the kind comments. With all the MD Coins, there's a new yacht now, but to keep doing these quizzes and pay for the maintenance of more yachts, more MD Coins are needed - so what are you waiting for? Go and donate at
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    Advertise your favorite titles for April 1st

    Finally got high enough to make some
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    Someone ruined the chance of the manga I'm working on being on the frontpage by making an early entry

    The biggest problem I see with your solution is that this change would require a redesign of the title creation system, because making it a simple rule would just turn into a complete moderation mess (all the reports for those old titles and keeping track of new ones, while also keeping in mind...
  4. Roler

    Allow Wayback Machine archiving

    :this: last time I did that (for another site), they resolved it quite fast.
  5. Roler

    Read history

    On Chrome for Android you have to long press the PWA icon, click "Site settings", and then delete stored data or click "Delete data & reset permissions".
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    Remove the limit of user and group blocks

    The group/user blocklists are not intended to be used as tag blocklists so it wouldn't be as simple as just removing the limit because there is currently a technical limitation: all group/user UUIDs are passed inside API URLs (for stuff like caching) and URLs can have length limits. I do hope...
  7. Roler


    I see no point in showing empty cells instead of filling them with what you have in this case. But the "+4 chapters" does seem like a nice idea (though, you also need to leave space for the chapter title so idk what would be the best way to fit it).
  8. Roler

    Differences between erotica and pornographic tags?

    No. Full pornographic rated redraws on non-pornographic content are not allowed because it can also cause severe issues to the site, like it being banned in multiple countries. Not so long ago, some people were banned because they kept adding pussies to an erotica work... If you saw such...
  9. Roler

    Nikoben! - Vol. 5 Ch. 36 - 36th Box: The Person I Like

    Idk, I only found this chapter from 2016 and that's it, the others were never translated.
  10. Roler

    Nikoben! - Vol. 5 Ch. 36 - 36th Box: The Person I Like

    they were never translated
  11. Roler

    Enable IPv6

  12. Roler

    Differences between erotica and pornographic tags?

    Site rules 2.2.2 and cover this. But basically: if it has sex with shown genitals (even if *censored), it's definitely pornographic if it has sex but genitals aren't shown, it's most likely erotica if the genitals aren't shown but there is no "story", only sex, it's most likely...
  13. Roler

    Soukyuu no Shihai-sha ~ Isekai Oppai Musouden - Vol. 2 Ch. 12

    If by "my group" you meant ACE SCANS, they sometimes might give me chapters to upload for one other manga, but the group is pretty much dead, so the chance of this being worked on is lower than zero.
  14. Roler

    Soukyuu no Shihai-sha ~ Isekai Oppai Musouden - Vol. 2 Ch. 12

    I have no idea. I'm just the uploader.
  15. Roler

    Improving search filter
  16. Roler

    Consolidate "latest updates" on home page by title

    It hasn't changed "a few days ago", it always fetched a chapter feed, but at one point it started showing only the latest chapter for every title assigned to a chapter in the response, however, if someone uploads a lot of chapters for a title in a short amount of time, there are not enough...
  17. Roler

    Graphical rendering bugs in Chrome (Android)

    Welp, option 4 worked for some users, I don't know any other temp fix other than switching to a different browser (with a different engine like Firefox) until the bug is resolved.
  18. Roler

    Hiding the Popular New Manga section

    Showing your default list on the homepage might be an interesting idea for new CustomLists (when they come out) :wooow:
  19. Roler

    Graphical rendering bugs in Chrome (Android)

    You can try: If incognito works: clearing cache clearing site data (this will clear your reading history and some settings) If incognito doesn't work: updating your OS and browser If this is Chrome (or a Chromium-based browser): disabling chrome://flags/#enable-gpu-rasterization
  20. Roler

    Native name should be part of the author page so it shows up in search properly.

    Alt author/artist names are planned.