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    Onii-chan Is Done For! - Highschool ONIMAI (Doujinshi) - Ch. 52 - EX - Judo Match

    with every chapter this manga feels more and more as if someone took hentai and removed some scenes to claim its not porn
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    Ikemen Joshi to Josou Danshi - Ch. 107 - April Fools' Part 1

    ... what level of gay is that?
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    Kouhai-chan Who Wants to Tease - Ch. 4

    I mean... propositioning on april fools is just asking for a whopping.
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    Obokoi Majo wa Majiwaritai! - Vol. 2 Ch. 9

    wow, easter came and another dead body rises from the grave
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    FPS de Shoshinsha Bokotte Real Fight ni Hattenshita Kekka w - Ch. 28

    I'm not sure where ppl go after they die, but i know i don't want to go to the place that fox is going.
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    Mary-san - Ch. 97

    Is the blue lady reference to sth?
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    Slippery Okuta-san - Ch. 1 - Encounter

    ... i'm not saying i'm waiting for fantia version... but...
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    Onii-san no Zaako Zaako♡ - Ch. 3 - Can't help it, Onii-san~♡

    yeah, knowing there will be no payoff/continuation for the story does make it far less exciting.
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    Ero Mangaka Onee-san to Otsukare Ryman - Vol. 1 Ch. 11 - Who is she !?

    In real life - i call the police, in manga- mm yandere mommy
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    Moto Azadarake no Kanojo ga Shinpai de - Ch. 3 - I invited my girlfriend, who used to be covered in bruises to a meal.

    Yeah "cute", cute until you are not on the diet, and you have someone in your apartment angry at you for eating sweet, sweet snacks. Or having to plan food around that person not seeing it.
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    Senpai Kanojo - Ch. 1

    Oh no, please no...:wtf: anything but a big-booba tomboy gf that shares my interests!
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    Please Break My Heart! - Oneshot

    Too realistic. Poor grill
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    A Girl Who Drank Too Much and Threw Up - Oneshot

    i agree with the cooking credit
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    How many years until AI takeover?

    was this written by chatgpt?
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    An Angel's Love At First Sight - Vol. 1 Ch. 2

    ... Okay, this author obviously has a "Pretty girl is nice to me and then kills me" fetish. I'm sure there is Japanese/German word for that.
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    Ore wa Koisuru Onnanoko - Ch. 1

    Or the mc is the reason for her distrust of men
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    Kage to Hana - Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - Promised Friday

    we both know it will end up with them leaving ninja world to live yuriful life
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    Convenient Semi-Friend - Ch. 14

    Oh yes, she will gladly "let you inside" :02::pepela::huh: