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  1. Lioslin

    Enrolling in the Transcendent Academy - Vol. 3 Ch. 101 - [Season 3 Start]

    I'm surprised the 90k hostages wasn't priority one
  2. Lioslin

    Hazure Skill de SSS-Rank Makyo wo Tara, Sekai Saikyou no Renkinjutsushi ni Natteita ~ Kaiteki Kyoten wo Tsukutte Nakama to Tanoshi Isekai Life - Ch. 1

    Not to worry I can think of one that he absolutely does exactly that. Wasn't immediate by any means but when he had a chance he absolutely did it. Can't remember if he was the one who nuked it or it was just a burn down the castle deal but the Royal family became Royal evaporated blood stains...
  3. Lioslin

    Isekai De Te Ni Ireta Seisan Skill Wa Saikyou Datta You Desu - Ch. 36 - I Tried to Get Information About the Pirates

    I can appreciate the lack of holding back even if the power scaling is ridiculous
  4. Lioslin

    Shoukan sareta Kenja wa Isekai wo Yuku - Ch. 37.1

    Because it take just long enough to update that you forget just how dumb the dumb is
  5. Lioslin

    Jiriki de Isekai e! - Ch. 21

    Just met this guy at best a couple hours ago. Has been given no assurances of the quality of his character other than he was humble about losing in public in front of a crowd of his peers. Had been lead to a room where at least 10 people immediately appraised him including the duke. "Yeah sure...
  6. Lioslin

    Jiriki de Isekai e! - Ch. 9

    If it wasn't for the fact that the author thinks the MC is being clever he would absolutely be dead in the forest too. I'm just hoping the author gets through this phase of "I definitely know all this stuff despite expressly devoting my life to figuring out how to isekai myself" nonsense and on...
  7. Lioslin

    The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 - Ch. 50

    Clearly he should have thrown her a wink and kiss before he leaves to stun her long enough to not get hit by the big fuck off sword of darkness
  8. Lioslin

    Nimotsu Mochi no Nousuji Musou - Ch. 8.2

    He is totally gonna break her sister's sword too despite being told what it means and will act shocked when he is told he has to marry her too
  9. Lioslin

    Level Up with the Gods - Vol. 2 Ch. 101

    Isn't the Monkey King on the 40th floor or was that referring to the 40th floor of the Marble Mountain specifically?
  10. Lioslin

    Level Up With Skills - Vol. 2 Ch. 49

    So if that's choosing fewer enemies just how bloated was the wave with many enemies?
  11. Lioslin

    How a Former Pro Takes Advantage by Doing an Easy Job - Vol. 2 Ch. 56

    I feel like that's the point you tell the guards to pull the traitor to the country off that throne and surrender yourself
  12. Lioslin

    I Raised My Fiancé with Money - Ch. 20

    I'm not looking forward to seeing his family when they get there. Putting up more red flags than a circus tent
  13. Lioslin

    The Novel’s Extra - Vol. 1 Ch. 12

    That was such an unnecessary change to the story. It's on par with editors that push a love rival out of nowhere just as the main characters start their romance after getting through all the misunderstandings
  14. Lioslin

    Dragon-Devouring Mage - Ch. 36

    Clearly that officer that sent him is a nepo hire that can't find two brain cells to rub to together. This is how you instigate an all out war
  15. Lioslin

    Kojiin Tamer - Ch. 33

    I'm just wondering when on Earth the author is going to do anything with the "bad adventurers" that keep being brought up here and there and nothing happens with them. I mean there was even the detail that they were hired by the noble's son who was wanting to/ did reduce the orphanage's funding...
  16. Lioslin

    Mushoku no Saikyou Kenja ~Job ga Erarezu Tsuihou Saretaga, Game no Chishiki de Isekai Saikyou~ - Ch. 8

    The manga doesn't seem to do a good job of conveying it but I'm pretty sure this is literally his second day working as an adventurer he doesn't have a guild history yet. Just one absurd sounding first day that beggars belief even if the blacksmith had heard of it already
  17. Lioslin

    Heir of Mythical Heroes - Ch. 38

    This flashback dragged on way too long. Yes this was stuff we probably needed to hear about the hero's backstory but we absolutely didn't need it all in one go while completely halting the MC's story for it
  18. Lioslin

    Returned from Hell - Ch. 61

    What I don't get is they didn't censor her like this in the previous chapter at all. What on Earth happened?
  19. Lioslin

    A World-Class Walkthrough - Ch. 65

    I honestly don't get her line of thought. I don't want anyone I've come to know as people and not NPCs to die, but also I don't want a perfect clear which inherently means people will die. Just question marks all around on that line of thought