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    Chicken cooked by machine slapping

    Beef too. Is this newsworthy? Yes
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    Raise A Mink As My Wife

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    MangaGo closes down

    @Bruuuuhhhhh Host is in Russia, middle east, corrupt south eastern countries, poor former soviets like Kazakistan, China or even proxy jumping. Not all manga aggregators are created equal.
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    Reader Not Working on Firefox :fixed:

    @BraveDude8 Most browser users who run scriptblocking do so to block ransomeware, spyware, random XSS injection malicious redirection and viruses. It's better for us idiots who don't program to simply not play. You are 100% correct though. This was almost certainly avoidable if people...
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    Reader Not Working on Firefox :fixed:

    @BraveDude8 This can not be explained as simply old fire fox screwing up. I've found numerous comments that the newer versions are behaving the same or just failing in new ways. Whatever you guys did yesterday is failing everywhere consistently on the newer browsers too. Maindish, pg3...
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    Reader Not Working on Firefox :fixed:

    @BzzBzz .....................
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    Reader Not Working on Firefox :fixed:

    @BraveDude8 Waterfox. Not helpful, I know. Quite a few Chrome and android were reported with the same problem now. Pretty sure Chrome 88 is not an 'old' browser Something strange is going on.
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    Reader Not Working on Firefox :fixed:

    Well, let me record the date we found something wrong USA pacific time 3/10/21 7:00 ish PM Damn, guess it's not a firefox only issue. I'm not convinced it's an experimental API issue either. I've never seen this behavior in a website reader before. How about Google tags? Cloudflare?
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    Reader Not Working on Firefox :fixed:

    Guys.... are all of us with the issues all on fire fox? That's not good. . . . .
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    Reader Not Working on Firefox :fixed:

    I can't read it either. White spinny thing forever.
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    Counting how many times this 3D Castle art asset appears in Korean Manhwa

    @taliesin Ah yeah! It's at 51 appearances now. Apparently Castle nim is a secret cameo super star.
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    Opinions on the phrase "Okay, boomer."

    You can respond to "Okay boomer" with "Duh" doo dooo doodoo doodoo *Billy Ellish reference
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    Return of the Frozen Player

    I was frozen today!
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    Tell us, what's not bothering you ? Read the text on the packaging.
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    I'm a Loser, Baby

    Title: I am trash Us: We know Title: I love you! Us: You're trash. Title: I know . . . .
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    Let's do an example 1 day Poll!

    Well, shit. The poll time limit function is broken then. You're not supposed to be able to vote. But you need to vote to see the poll results because it's not working. Hnnnnnnnng!
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    Let's do an example 1 day Poll!

    Okay guys, it's been a day. Can you see poll results? Do u need to vote 1st before seeing it? Or is it just flatout brokeback mountain?
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    The story is literal random chaos.
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    What does Poll mean

    Let's find out if polls are still broken. Example poll
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    Let's do an example 1 day Poll!

    Who would win? I'm Team ninja