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    Pumpkin Night - Vol. 1 Ch. 1

    Daddy came back from the liquor store!
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    Jaminis Box shutting down

    @Richman Just report him. It isn't worth your time to argue with trolls on the internet.
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    Jaminis Box shutting down

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    Jaminis Box shutting down

    @nonameanonymous82435 Okay boomer-kun. I for one cant wait for the asspain when their scans are uploaded to MD in 6 months. It will be delicious.
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    Kuroha to Nijisuke: Kuroki Majo no Divertimento - Vol. 1 Ch. 4 - Sisters

    @IAmInept >The TL came back, and i got some free time, so im picking it back up At least until you lose interest after two releases and drop it again :^)
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    Yofukashi no Uta - Vol. 4 Ch. 36 - Wahahaha, drunk driving~!

    @akerd Youd be surprised how far asking someone outside of a liquor store will get you
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    Negative Hero and Demon King's General - Vol. 3 Ch. 16

    @GalladeGuy Pretty slimy of them to leave the site, come back and demand that you stop your translation. I'm adding that to my cringe compilation.
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    Social Survival Rabbits

    @b-no Chapter still seems to be broken Edit:Never mind, it was an issue with Chrome
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    Metroid: Samus & Joey

    It would be a 7.5 without Joey, but it's closer to a 4 with him in it...
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    Love you guys, no hetero
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    New login system rolled out

    "Seems to be affecting a small number of people" LOL
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    New login system rolled out

    @icelord @Holo Logged in 3 times so far this morning. Checked the "remember me" box each time. Something is clearly broken
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    New login system rolled out

    Yeah, the whole session timeout thing is ridiculous. This is a site for Taiwanese Puppet Slideshows. It's not like someone can hop on and get my bank info.
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    Dead Mount Death Play

    I don't remember following this series either.
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    I Love My Yandere Neko Girlfriend (New)

    And just like that, all of the chapters are gone. Not just for this title, but for all of their stuff. Did they give up or did the admins take it down?
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    I Love My Yandere Neko Girlfriend (New)

    Funny how the one person defending this atrocity made his account just to post his comment. Nobody likes your comic bud, no need to sockpuppet.
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    Option to search for completed/noncompleted manga :planned:

    Thanks, dont know how I missed it when I first checked the megathread.
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    Option to search for completed/noncompleted manga :planned:

    Hi, Can you guys implement an option to search for manga based on whether they are completed or not? I'm sure I'm not the only user that likes to bingeread entire (completed) mangas. Thanks!