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  1. Karretch

    Until I Become Me - Ch. 63

    Do you remember which chapter? I'm not in a mood to reread whole thing and skimming sometimes fails.
  2. Karretch

    Until I Become Me - Ch. 63

    As a refresher, last chapter was Akira being bashful during and embarrassed after Natsumi forced Akira to touch her breast with obligatory heteronormative "you're not a boy, you don't need to feel embarrassed." Akira definitely likes girls, whether or not boys are on the radar, and definitely...
  3. Karretch

    Ano Toki Tasukete Itadaita Monster Musume desu. - Ch. 7

    Maybe she's hidden around the corner, cuz we know that there was a (closed) flower in Sensei's monster school E: had a look back, I think so especially because no one made a comment that even slightly infers dick-ass was the source of the smell via perfume or cologne.
  4. Karretch

    Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! - Vol. 6 Ch. 87 - Welcome Back, Evie

    Wait, I just realized a potential plot hole. Eve didn't have memories from the time as a kid because her future self and past self swapped thus those memories didn't exist, but in the place she should have had memories of a two months with some random lady but actually doesn't have any memories...
  5. Karretch

    Stardust Telepath - Vol. 1 Ch. 10.5 - Seaside Battle...?

    Guys, pretty sure this is April Fools chapter early. Doesn't excuse it, hate this damn "holiday".
  6. Karretch

    Tsuma, Shougakusei ni Naru. - Vol. 14 Ch. 105

    Not to the good boy, Mai! Man...
  7. Karretch

    Tsuma, Shougakusei ni Naru. - Vol. 13 Ch. 103

    While it's indeed possible this could be Keisuke and Moriya saying something about marriage, I think y'all are jumping the gun. This could just be them getting ready to debrief Mai about Takae passing on. Keisuke and Takae know each other are trying to do that, and Moriya was given enough...
  8. Karretch

    Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! - Vol. 6 Ch. 86 - Please Remember Me

    i can answer the "why she forget", it's because Future Eve was inhabiting Past Eve in a possesion-like style thus Past Eve never had these memories in the first place. It's not that she forgot, she never knew.
  9. Karretch

    Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! - Vol. 6 Ch. 86 - Please Remember Me

    But her mom never died anyways. What we have is a closed temporal loop that is consistent with the story that was presented before, but the whole reason we had the flashback time travel arc was that Evie was supposed to do something to alter the future to change the game's event with the wolves...
  10. Karretch

    SHY - Vol. 14 Ch. 116 - Give Me A Heart, Please

    They have parents, just not important enough to the story to show or mention.
  11. Karretch

    Ochikazuki ni Naritai Manga - Ch. 37

    I forget, are they dating yet? It's been a while. If not, [Insert Obligatory "Just Date Already" Comment]
  12. Karretch

    Slime Life - Vol. 9 Ch. 239 - A Promise to Talos

    Once again, the comfy slime manga makes me cry. :salute: Farewell, Guardian.
  13. Karretch

    D-Frag! - Ch. 158 - It's About Damn Time

    I have a feeling they mean not the chapters, but the amount of stuff contained within those chapters. Kazuma's been through some stuff.
  14. Karretch

    Stardust Telepath - Ch. 45

    Sensei competing for Best Girl slot by being so supportive and adorable to her students.
  15. Karretch

    One Piece - Ch. 1108 - Come In, World

    Y'all, I still think Kizaru is subtly helping. That beam went right through where Saturn stabbed him, likely cauterizing the wound.
  16. Karretch

    【Oshi no Ko】 - Ch. 141 - CHAIN

    ??? Serina died at ~13, and as Ruby she's ~16 (i don't remember the exact numbers), at most she's ~30 but also we then veer into "how much of your mentality is derived by time experienced vs your body's hormones" hypothetical fantasy philosophy.
  17. Karretch

    My Food Looks Very Cute - Ch. 145 - Villain! Pervert! Big Fat Idiot!

    AHA! So I (and I think a couple others) were right in that she's a hybrid as well.
  18. Karretch

    The One Within the Villainess - Vol. 1 Ch. 3.5 - Where Happiness Resides

    Protagonist, proper noun, in this case being the "Female Lead" of the game whereas Remilia is our Main Character of this story
  19. Karretch

    Kaijuu Iro no Shima - Ch. 23

    I'm wondering if it's a wish granting spirit. Not to try and claim it's benevolent, but Aunt went looking for Trilobites, and maybe it made trilobites that died not long after. Idk, spitballing, we don't know how long Aunt was going back to that spot so it may either make no sense they dried in...
  20. Karretch

    My Love Tiger - Ch. 272

    Fox-wife to the rescue?