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  1. MrDDA

    Chainsaw Man - Ch. 162 - Fearsome

    NOPE no misogyny here 🙅‍♂️
  2. MrDDA

    Chainsaw Man - Ch. 161 - Chainsaw Man Puzzle

    Quanxi 1v3 the hype is finally back
  3. MrDDA

    Chainsaw Man - Ch. 159 - Attack on Samurai

    Is Fami inept in combat? Is she just a summoner merchant and needs to depend on Yoru to help her?
  4. MrDDA

    Chainsaw Man - Ch. 158 - Gyohnee Guillotine

    ChainStall Man. Honestly disappointed with the pace of this chapter. Also I guess those guys died behind them because nothing was shown of their bodies? Also why the hell is the security at this secret devil imprisonment facility so weak compared to fucking tier one Devil Hunters in PS (when...
  5. MrDDA

    Chainsaw Man - Ch. 156 - Whup Whup Whup Whup Bzzz Split Split

    Oh no... I feared that CSM's plot is going to get derailed into a bunch of bullshit just like Fire Punch and now it looks like it's happening. Like what would they get from cutting his legs anyways?? Are they going to stop Denji from ever ingesting/absorbing a little bit of human blood
  6. MrDDA

    Chainsaw Man - Vol. 17 Ch. 155 - The Old Me

    I feel like I just lost the plot. What the hell is going on?
  7. MrDDA

    What's some of the most frustrating things you keep seeing in manga?

    Isekai genre in general. For a prompt that says "reincarnated in another world" it seems like all these MCs keep getting rebirthed in THE SAME WORLD. I feel like Japanese authors are trying hard for a cash grab instead of expanding the fantasy aspect of the genre beyond just the setting of a...
  8. MrDDA

    Chainsaw Man - Ch. 154 - All Pets

    BUM ALERT BUM ALERT Wtf does she even do????
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    Where's the next chapter smartass?
  10. MrDDA

    Chainsaw Man - Ch. 153 - Chainsaw Man Hunters

    Isn't he CHAIN-saw man???? If they poured gasoline on him and he revved up his chainsaws he would instantly be set on fire anyways. Does Fujimoto know?? Also that Nayuta 1000-yard stare
  11. MrDDA

    Chainsaw Man - Ch. 152 - Massage

    I finished reading Fire Punch recently and was really disappointed with how the story fell out of whack towards the second half after the initial Behemudorugu arc. I made the same comment as you on the final chapter of Fire Punch and it's starting to look like Fujimoto is starting to lose a bit...
  12. MrDDA

    Chainsaw Man - Ch. 152 - Massage

    Chainsaw man is back but at the cost of the weapon devil's collective battle IQ. Now they all share some severe case of CTE and are not even close to the level they were when they were controlled by Makima.
  13. MrDDA

    20th Century Boys - Vol. 5 Ch. 45 - Not Alone

    They ate their veggies.
  14. MrDDA

    20th Century Boys - Vol. 6 Ch. 55 - Witness

    Shout-out to all the trans hoes. Specifically the one with big d*cks
  15. MrDDA

    MamaYuyu - Ch. 16 - Running Away is Cowardly or Whatever

    This is such a sick panel
  16. MrDDA

    Kagurabachi - Ch. 15 - Food

    Me looking at that sorry ass backstory.
  17. MrDDA

    mangadex-downloader - A command-line tool to download manga, chapter and list

    Sorry to burst your bubble but have you heard of Neko app? It has extremely similar functionality and is built specifically for MD.