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    【Oshi no Ko】 - Ch. 145 - CHILDREN

    So, this is the reason that Tsukuyomi is sort of "guiding" Aqua and Ruby (guiding is different from helping), but she's not necessarily the reason why Aqua and Ruby were reincarnated, though, right? Like, she might have advocated for them or something. Was Tsukuyomi a god or herald of a god in...
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    Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu - Ch. 360 - The Mystery of 10 Years Later

    Gosh, I was smiling and giggling throughout this chapter.
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    Ane no Tomodachi - Ch. 6

    Well, in this chapter, they were kinda tailing her. She just confronted them about it as she noticed from them beginning, while not knowing that they were were kinda getting lost in their own date. Internally, the sister could all like "Why are you wasting time stalking us when you two are on a...
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    Ane no Tomodachi - Ch. 6

    The bit you made above about how his environment with his sister and her friend sort of made who he is today is fine, but I think what I quoted above is moreso the sister "criticizing" the brother about him calling the new girl by the name "Seria" and him revealing the LINE sharing so...
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    Ane no Tomodachi - Ch. 6

    I really don't see the issue that some readers are having on this thread.
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    Kawaii Kanojo-chan - Ch. 28

    I'm not talking about translating from one language to another language or Japanese context, just everyday speech/texting that usually throw out such rules in informal settings (like between friends). Nevertheless, I agree that it is not "proper" English.
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    Kawaii Kanojo-chan - Ch. 28

    Again, it is fine. The MC is writing a text as if he is speaking. People usually uptalk in their speech (internally or externally) to indicate uncertainty or confusion of their sentence. People then usually transcribe their words and gestures into texting while they are speaking. (Gestures as in...
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    Kawaii Kanojo-chan - Ch. 28

    Yeah, the first one is fine, really. It may not be proper English but there is no need for such formal writing in this context (i.e., texting). You still generally understand that the second is implied. Plus, I think the first used way more in casual speech, especially when I believe that...
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    Shiroyama and Mita-san - Vol. 3 Ch. 28 - Make-up

    Did Shiroyama almost say "kirei" but the "k" of "ki" was silent, leaving an audible "i" sound, thus the choice "E"? But he played it cool by saying "E" as in "Excellent"?
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    Okaeri, Papa - Vol. 1 Ch. 6.9 - Volume 1 Extras

    Oh, well, oyakodon is just parent-and-child (chicken-and-egg) rice-bowl dish.
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    I Thought She Was a Yandere, but Apparently She's Even Worse - Ch. 22

    Another inevitable step and receiving recognition to becoming a yakuza boss or husband to one. By the way, what is the position of the Underboss in the Yakuza world?
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    Kemono Michi - Ch. 64 - (Chapter 68)

    This all rings a bell. From Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: Maou: Become mine, Yuusha! Yuusha: I refuse!
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    Damedol to Sekai ni Hitori Dake no Fan - Ch. 14 - Mu-chan

    I read that the author is just getting introductions for the other idols out quickly, hence why we have been getting weekly chapters. It'll be back to bi-weekly after this, apparently. There is still one more idol, though.
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    The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... - Ch. 64.1 - Haru 3

    About the bell peppers thing, from what I recall, it is specifically the dark green, unripe bell peppers. In Japan, they are called piman, which are known for their bitterness and for being hated by Japanese children.
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    Boy's Abyss - Vol. 15 Ch. 145 - A Letter from Akira Nozoe

    This is just the skylight in the middle or near end of the tunnel!
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    Aekanaru - Vol. 4 Ch. 36

    Probably not a tanuki but...
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    Otaku ni Yasashii Gal wa Inai!? - Vol. 2 Ch. 10.2

    Again, having a brother-complex (or being a brocon) doesn't necessarily mean that there is sexual or romantic attraction. It just a more extreme form of love bordering on worship or idolization.