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  1. Merkywater

    Kashimashi Meshi - Vol. 2 Ch. 8 - Recipe 8

    @Lobo that is such a real pfp any chance you could send it to me?
  2. Merkywater

    Push Man

    thanks for the scans @KinoThe3rd. Do you have any more kino?
  3. Merkywater

    Daija ni Totsuida Musume - Ch. 30

    That's what I'm saying if you think of daija as an allegory for marrying a powerful man it works just as well. A woman exiled from her village manages to marry an influential man (military officer, rich fella, warlord), and uses his power to get right with the village that wronged her. As for...
  4. Merkywater

    Mr. Mallow Blue - Vol. 4 Ch. 21

    Huh the bully sure seems to "coincidentally" run into him alot
  5. Merkywater

    REAL - Ch. 96

    Wow that was so real.
  6. Merkywater

    Kaika Apartment - Vol. 1 Ch. 2 - Scandalous Woman

    I love you mister clam clam you always translate great works can I have an autograph
  7. Merkywater

    Until I Become Me - Vol. 4 Ch. 43

    thanks for the translation. was the panty shot really necessary ? especially with such a young character.
  8. Merkywater

    Fool Night - Vol. 4 Ch. 29 - No Way We'll Pay

    thanks for the translation appreciate it.
  9. Merkywater

    Gekikou Kamen - Vol. 5 Ch. 37 - Exoskelet Reversal

    thank you for the translation this is sooo good I really love it
  10. Merkywater

    Fool Night - Vol. 3 Ch. 26 - Right Here

    thanks for the translations love you :hearts:
  11. Merkywater

    Hametsu no Koibito - Vol. 1 Ch. 2.2 - Interlude

    thanks for the translation. quite interesting so far but nothing of real substance yet just the intrigue of why the house is in the state that it is in and why our mc is so emotionless? deadpan? anyway looking forward to it
  12. Merkywater

    Rouninsei to Eroiyatsu - Vol. 2 Ch. 8

    a metaphor for passion/interests? fall too deep into your job / studying and you end up ruining your actual relationships for your relationship with your work/studies and end up losing that too since you lost the reason you were working for them in the first place, his family for the producer...
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    Last Letter Game

    .tldr: idk sounds like cope to me
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    [IMG] I did not

    I did not
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    Last Letter Game

    P.S ABC does not count as a word
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    Last Letter Game

  17. Merkywater

    Song of the day?

    "And I'm the shit playa But don't flush your commode" talk about real lyrics
  18. Merkywater

    "Cool Japan" still on the hunt, but slowly

    idk I think they are pretty good I mean hell their own app has an account here that posts the chapters that links to their own website so I don't think they are particularly targeting the dics right now :thonk:
  19. Merkywater

    Need manga recommendation

    sousou at the funeral elf party dies now she forms new ones and grows with them