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  1. fieldbythesea

    Toilet-bound Hanako-kun - Ch. 114 - Changes (Part 3)

    thank you for the chapter!! honestly the mom being alive was p chilling for me, thinking back to that panel of kou crying alone chopping food in the kitchen from the red house arc. this world could be fine, but its not the one that made them who they are now. excited to see how the tsukasa and...
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    Medalist - Ch. 41 - Knight and Softness

    (sobbing tsukasa) IM SO PROUD OF YOU INORI . 292892923 GOLD MEDALS . and god with coach miho added this manga literally has everything u could ever want ....... a godsend .......
  3. fieldbythesea

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - Ch. 150

    seo possibly being upset about waka on a "date" is one thing but chiyo's literally gonna die if she finds out she missed out on this super special nozaki styling. he even did his hair !!!!
  4. fieldbythesea

    Medalist - Vol. 10 Ch. 40 - Mentor

    inori is so incredible, and i love how from the very beginning the manga has been clear about her shortcomings and strengths so we can see her grow through them T_______T the coach-skater parallel is insane ... "this medal i've received after so long" OUGHH also, the cleaning for this chapter...
  5. fieldbythesea

    Medalist - Vol. 10 Ch. 39 - Trial and Error

    this is suuuuch an insanely good chapter . the coaches genuinely looking out for their young girls was so sweet and there were some great tsukasa faces in there!! and then the medalist one-two punch of inori-tsukasa angst ...... it's painful as hell to watch tsukasa forced to face his true...
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    Medalist - Vol. 10 Ch. 38 - Junior Rules

    truly cant thank you enough for the translation, ur doing god's work!! i was so excited for this new arc(?) even from just what i could parse from reading raws, so i'm super happy we get to enjoy them through scans now!! 🥹🥹🥹 GO COACH ...
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    Kashoku no Shiro - Vol. 4 Ch. 22

    thank you for the scans!! the art in this manga is seriously so pretty
  8. fieldbythesea

    I Wouldn't Mind Being Loved - Ch. 5 - I Wouldn't Mind Lies

    thank you so much for continuing this project !!! it's a series that rlly stuck with me, super happy to see more of it :,-)))
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    Tenkoi in Hachioji - Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - Chikara Udon from my Memories

    thank you for the chapter!! super sweet and melancholic... our memories aren't only our own :,-)
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    Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan - Vol. 6 Ch. 578 - Cap

    stellar work, kyuu-chan
  11. fieldbythesea

    Veil - Vol. 6 Ch. 67 - Soliloquy, drive

    the last page 😭 same same .... thank you so much for the scanalation, this volume was just as beautiful as the others and as always, the font choice and wording felt lovely TTT can't wait to add the english edition of the first two volumes to my copies !!
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    Itonami Itonamezu - Vol. 3 Ch. 24

    thank you for the chapter!!
  13. fieldbythesea

    Atarashii Joushi wa Dotennen - Vol. 1 Ch. 4

    a kind, competent, gap moe boss . .. . . truly the peak of modern fantasy . .. .
  14. fieldbythesea

    Zeikin de Katta Hon - Vol. 9 Ch. 66 - Secrets of the Universe

    thank you so much for the releases!! this was such a sweet chapter :,-)
  15. fieldbythesea

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - Vol. 15 Ch. 148

    YOU CAN DO IT NOZAKI ....... ACTIVATE A BRAINCELL ....... the hori-chan leg joke was also hilarious 😭
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    Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun - Vol. 19 Ch. 95 - Dawn (Part 3)

    i cant believe i hadnt realized 🙃
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    Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun - Vol. 17 Ch. 82 - The Red House (Part 7)

    😭 so the time paradox thing happens with this leading to baby tsukasa, contaminated by the house's demon thing, going back after a year, setting off the whole sequence of events?? but what's changed in the present is that the house burned down ....... this arc is wild, i really appreciate how...
  18. fieldbythesea

    Shinozaki-kun no Mente Jijou - Vol. 8 Ch. 33

    throughout the first few pages i was really fixated on whether or not grey was supposed to be a red panda or a raccoon of some sorts-- very happy surprise to see the chapter turn out to be a grey-centric one lmao. "what is a grey" indeed.
  19. fieldbythesea

    Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou - Vol. 7 Ch. 62 - Typhoon

    more than calm, she seems to be deep in mourning. the red around her eyes and the change in daylight make it seem like she cried all day, and she's playing the instrument she learned from owner. i remember enjoying the chapter where she says she has more memories of the others than of owner, so...
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    Medalist - Vol. 2 Ch. 6 - The Meikou Cup Ladies' FS Novice B

    i get that you dont become a medalist running on dreams, and that that athlete must have truly poured his life blood into his career and excelled. but they're competing as coaches now !!! sO GO COACHHH