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  1. j4zd801

    Change Cover Volumes

    I don't know who to PM but can an admin or mod help me in fixing my covers for this doujinshi? Volume 2 should be Distant Sea Volume 3 should be Dazzling Light Thank you
  2. j4zd801

    I would like to take Love Me Tender doujinshi down.

    Hi, due to the original artist's request, I had deleted the chapters I uploaded for My Hero Academia - Love Me Tender (Doujinshi), all three of them, but seems like someone re-upped the chapters again when I checked it today. Here's the link =...
  3. j4zd801

    Taste the Rainbow recruiting scanlators for Doujinshi

    Hello. I'm the group leader of Taste the Rainbow; a scanlation group working on shounen-ai/BL doujinshi. We currently have projects for My Hero Academia (TodoDeku) fandom. But I would like to start working again on two of my old fandoms: Katekyo Hitman Reborn (692718) and Attack on Titan...
  4. j4zd801

    Can I request for a username change?

    I dunno if this is possible but if it is, can I request for a username change? D:
  5. j4zd801

    Reports: Group Correction I would like to request to change my group's name to "Taste The Rainbow" ___ Done
  6. j4zd801

    Fonts for translating manga?

    Oh cool! You're welcome!
  7. j4zd801

    Interview Sign Ups

    Ooh, sign me up if this is still up.
  8. j4zd801

    Fonts for translating manga?

    I sometimes use these two aside Wild Words > CCMeanwhile Regular - > Wild & Crazy
  9. j4zd801

    Boku no Hero Academia - Midoriya's Room (Doujinshi)

    I'm sorry! First time uploading, I'm still not sure what to do
  10. j4zd801

    Request for group takeover

    User ID: 124887 Group ID: 6652 Website: Thank you! ___ Done