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    Frieren - a classic in the making?

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    Frieren - a classic in the making?

    What are your thoughts on the currently airing Sousou no Frieren? I almost never make judgement calls before an anime finishes airing, but this one is a special case. It just might be a future classic. The themes, character depth, pacing and animation quality are all amazing. It's also...
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    Last Letter Game

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    Isekai titles so dumb they could work

    "That time I stabbed my toe so many times, it became my greatest weapon"
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    What code editor do you use and why?

    Do say more...
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    The End of MangaDex (Misleading title)

    It's all ogre now...
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    What code editor do you use and why?

    Vim. It's preinstalled everywhere, has good plugins that can match functionality with bulkier IDEs and it stops anxiety of accidentally messing things up with your mouse.
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    XMPP & Matrix

    A veteran! Haha. Which clients would you recommend? Is UX important to you? Can you get a non-technical person on that? I feel like the tide is turning. More and more open ecosystems are popping up with actual users. The future is now, old man! 😁 I think that's fine - all the different...
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    XMPP & Matrix

    Ok, I finally found use for Matrix! Different communities on Lemmy seem to use it as the default chatroom, instead of Discord.
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    SDXL 0.9

    Hey, if you can monetise it...
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    SDXL 0.9

    Can you also post the hash here, just in case the google doc goes down?
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    XMPP & Matrix

    That's a common thing to say, but I think decentralised and distributed protocols can also be popular. E.g. torrent or email. The main issue, I think, is that it's harder to make money from those, so there's fewer people motivated to make quality products. E.g. there's no good UX clients.
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    XMPP & Matrix

    Lemmy and Mastadon are seeing greater adoption recently. I'm hoping federated, open protocols will see more uses in the future. Torrent is a great example of what can be achieved.
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    XMPP & Matrix

    Does anyone here use XMPP or Matrix for anything? I checked them out recently and both seem to work fine. What are your favourite clients? Will they ever see greater adoption? What do you think is the main hurdle?
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    Just how much data is MD cranking ? Find out

    That's a lot of network data. How do you guys fight the costs, apart from MD@Home? Does Gafana get metrics from MD@Home servers?
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    Anime Music Video Recommendations!

    Eliwure by Kain-X-Spirits - Multiple Anime - Action, Sentimental Backup The first link has better quality. This is the first AMV that I remember grabbed my attention and led me down this treacherous path of AMV collecting. Now I have a massive list and file backups. Will probably post more in...
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    Underrated waifu?

    Irisviel von Einzbern
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    I saw this in the latest profile posts box and just had to leave comment...

    I saw this in the latest profile posts box and just had to leave comment...
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    ••your•• favourite music lyrics

    Got a package full of wishes A time machine, a magic wand A globe made out of gold No instructions or commandments Laws of gravity or indecisions to uphold Printed on the box I see Acme's build-a-world-to-be Take a chance, grab a piece Help me to believe it And another one I'm 15 for a...