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  1. Airwave2k2

    Sousou no Frieren - Ch. 130 - Beneath the Surface

    The hiatus might be time off to coordinate with the anime team going over the storyboard for the next double season. This could be a rather good sign, for it means they put as much concern into it as fans want it.
  2. Airwave2k2

    Sousou no Frieren - Ch. 130 - Beneath the Surface

    I kind of lost the plot. Frieren too it seems. Strange things happening.
  3. Airwave2k2

    Daredemo Dakeru Kimi ga Suki - Ch. 33 - (Old) Well Done

    Best wishes. But I think we need a low before we can reach even grater heights.
  4. Airwave2k2

    Deatte Hitotsuki de Zecchou Jorei! - Ch. 42

    What a nutcase he is.
  5. Airwave2k2

    Kanojo no Sore ni Yarareteru - Ch. 27

    Flat is justice. Ok the swimsuit makes it more pronounced to be flat. But that is ok too.
  6. Airwave2k2

    Uchuujin no Kakushigoto - Ch. 23 - Spring (Haru)

    No fucking clue how to rate this/10 Yeah
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    Sousou no Frieren - Ch. 126 - A New Mission

    they are out of money again. Fern eat to much snacks and now all have to suffer with this mission.
  8. Airwave2k2

    Uchuujin no Kakushigoto - Ch. 22 - Name

    He will be eternally together with the alien puss. What a nice thing to do by the author. The funny thing humanity doesn't see it coming. The sad part, it takes a f'ing millennium.
  9. Airwave2k2

    Uchuujin no Kakushigoto

    I get it. The absurdity turns it into comedy. Yes. I don't know why people think everything would be rational when the world is turned up side down by an alien in your living room. Shit happens. You just have to strap in for the ride.
  10. Airwave2k2

    Sousou no Frieren - Ch. 124 - The Shadow Warrior

    Well given that Frieren defeated the DK she is such powerful that her existence if she were to direct that power against the empire is a liability, hence they could deem her as a threat. Simple as. Why Himmel, Heiter and Eisen not on the list. Maybe they are on the other letters. Anyhow it...
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    Sousou no Frieren - Ch. 123 - Evidence of Efforts

    mommy Frieren is not amused.
  12. Airwave2k2

    Yankee JK KuzuHana-chan - Ch. 186 - Let's Scout

    He will f* it up with something unimportant. There is only one thing in the world that actually is important and it is his confession. That we never will see before the counter is All out All girls on moteshiro.
  13. Airwave2k2

    Misato-san wa Amasugi Joushi ni Chotto Kibishii - Vol. 2 Ch. 11

    He seriously needs to be locked down by wedlock to cause no more harm to public morals. Get him girl.
  14. Airwave2k2

    Dosanko Gal wa Namaramenkoi - Ch. 107

    Well I wish them happiness story can fade out now.
  15. Airwave2k2

    Rent-A-Girlfriend - Ch. 314 - The Girlfriend And The Invitation

    Unreadable chapter. So much lamekazu bla bla leading nowhere. Thx html inventor for the scroll bar.
  16. Airwave2k2

    Damedol to Sekai ni Hitori Dake no Fan - Ch. 19 - Clearing the Air

    Urumine is a personified mine layer vehicle, dumbing love mines all over the place only to detonate them on the way around herself.
  17. Airwave2k2

    Please Go Home, Miss Akutsu! - Ch. 163.5

    nature vs nurture. nature wins.
  18. Airwave2k2

    Sousou no Frieren - Ch. 121 - Highway Monsters

    Don't project your onion-ninja-cutting-phobia on Frieren.
  19. Airwave2k2

    Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman. - Ch. 67

    Finally the confession, now I can drop this. It started so well but got so drawn out at times. At least it has conclusion now. I don't even wanna know more.
  20. Airwave2k2

    Uchuujin no Kakushigoto - Ch. 17 - Peace and Enemy

    My comment in Ch8: Here we are in Ch17 and we get an invasion. It is wild. Indeed.