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  1. n_otdimension

    What’s a manga that was so bad/you couldn’t stand that you had to rate it a 1-3?

    Personally I only give out fair ratings and my limit is usually a 5/10 but Kanojo Okarashimasu was the only time I rated a manga 1/10 and literally nothing else (i only read it for the comments at this point). I’m interested to see what people here rated X manga as Y, it can be manhwa/manhua etc.
  2. n_otdimension

    Matagi Gunner - Ch. 29 - 3000 Miles in Search of Yamano

    Ive never wanted a next chapter so badly, these types of mangas are definitely my cup of tea
  3. n_otdimension

    The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero’s Mother! - Ch. 3 - Lost in thought, secrets of the heart.

    this is mostly from my memories since i dropped it a long time ago but from what i remember it's quite literally a parody of Rising of The Shield Hero but instead of a shield being used its a vibrator, the way on how the mc "beats" enemies is by making them orgasm, see for yourself. might be...
  4. n_otdimension

    The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero’s Mother! - Ch. 3 - Lost in thought, secrets of the heart.

    I thought we peaked with The Rising of The Vibrator Hero but this is something else
  5. n_otdimension

    osu! Combat Championship - Vol. 1 Ch. 1

    this is actually better than i thought wtf lol
  6. n_otdimension

    Return Survival - Vol. 3 Ch. 153 - [Season 3 End]

    aint no way they censored the kissing
  7. n_otdimension

    Fist Demon of Mount Hua - Ch. 79

    Thats gotta be his sister no way
  8. n_otdimension

    Fist Demon of Mount Hua - Ch. 52

    You don't mess with the horse. It's time for a beating in the next chapter we got another fodder to make fun off
  9. n_otdimension

    Fist Demon of Mount Hua - Ch. 32

    That guy in the end looks like a horse lol
  10. n_otdimension

    Study Group - Ch. 51

  11. n_otdimension

    Study Group - Ch. 46

  12. n_otdimension

    Study Group - Ch. 45

    That was quite the unexpected turn of events, I didn’t expect Gamin’s mom to be good at fighting/taekwando.
  13. n_otdimension

    Study Group - Ch. 35

    Always the deadlocks motherfuckers with the most punchable face in the series, holy shit.
  14. n_otdimension

    Study Group - Ch. 32

    These mfs acting cocky till they get greeted with the MC’s fist and start acting like a little puppy afterwards gotta be my favorite thing
  15. n_otdimension

    Study Group - Ch. 30

    This detective has like a screentime of 40 pages and I already love him
  16. n_otdimension

    Study Group - Ch. 25

    Bro thinks he’s shit just because he blocked one punch, oh boy I bet this guys gonna get a whooping on the next chap
  17. n_otdimension

    Study Group - Ch. 24

    I’m more surprised on how “Attempted Murder” can be specialized lmao wtf is this
  18. n_otdimension

    trying to find a manga/manhua

    I’m guessing you’re looking/asking for recommendations of Misunderstood MC’s instead of trying to find a specific manga? You can check out my MDList since I’ve been keeping a collection for them note that this mdlist is specifically for the mcs that are thought to be “messiahs”, “saint”...