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    Help me find this manga

    It's a slice-of-life fantasy manga. Two male characters lived together in a wooden house. One of them is a mage or something like that. One of them teaches kids (I'm unsure if it's right). If I remember correctly, the first chapter is about them cooking onion flowers. I haven't read it for a...
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    Suggestions for good fantasy

    Far away paladin
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    Need dad manga recommedation

    I'm not sure if you'd like this but Papa Told Me is a great Dad manga. It's a slice of life of a father-daughter duo, set in the 90s. I've cried a few times reading it. If you like comedy, there's Chichi to Ko or Father and Son.
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    Looking for similar manga

    There are two that I could think of. Wistoria: Wand and Sword, is about a boy who lacks magic but is very good at sword-wielding. The other one is Kuroneko to Majo no Kyoushitsu, a story of a girl who got involved with a black cat that turns out to be cursed and she has to join him as his...
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    List of mangas with educative content

    There's this physiological manga with a similar vibe to "We Shall Now Begin Ethics", Yumenashi-sensei no Shinroshidou, about a school counselor. I'm not sure what counts as an educational manga but there are two survival mangas I recommend Yajin Tensei: Karate Survivor in Another World and...
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    Looking for a manga

    Thanks a lot. It's what I was looking for.
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    Looking for a manga

    There are multiple parts of the manga that I remember. One of them is about a ghost that hit on a woman. They were in a bar, a woman was drawn to the jokes and stories the ghost was telling. They then got into a hotel and started making out. The main male barged in, saving the woman from the...
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    Looking for a manga

    I'm looking for a manga about a teenage psychic couple. The teenage girl can see ghosts and the boy can hear ghosts and animals. The story is about them solving ghosts' problems. It leans into the psychological genre as we go through the ghosts' story, their regrets, and how the main characters...