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    Recommendations on classic sci fi ish manga

    You probably want 50s-ish hard sci-fi? Unfortunately only a bunch of old mecha manga that I could think of.
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    A win-win solution to support MD that already works at a Jp video sharing site [Rejected]

    Make such that you could directly annotate a page in manga with your commentary. Make it such that free-plan let's you annotate 5 times in a chapter, and from there you could make tiers of premium-plans, the more the users pay the more commentary they could add.
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    Looking for some good kdrama

    Princess hours
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    The Ecchi Closet.

    You can't think about ecchi without thinking about to-love-ru. To-love-ru is the epitome of thoughtless and weeb-driven ecchi story.
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    Do people actually find manga funny?

    Try Sekaioni, some of it's content is funny af. I read it 7 years ago, and I can't stopped laughing. I recently read it again last year, surprisingly it's still funny. But beware, it's 18+ with gore and sexual violence.
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    Why is there so much isekai in top 10 on mangadex’s homepage?

    One new trend that I started to get sick is when the authors trying to mask the dullness of their isekai story with some cooking porn.
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    Looking for a manga about overcoming odds that is 100 plus chapters

    Pretty chill: Re:monster History's strongest disciple God of Highschool World Trigger Moonlight sculptor Undead unluck Warlock of the Magus World (chinese novel) Very intense: Gokukoku no Brynhildr Sekaioni 21st century boys Marginal operation I am a hero Psyren Darwin's game Ahiru no Sora
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    Manga where Tomboy becomes Girly girl

    Usually you find that in sports/martial arts manga.
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    Suggest some 'Mystery' 'Psychological' anime

    1. Another, I don't like the ending but the journey through it is enjoyable. 2. Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru, could've been a great mystery anime, but it settles for passable enough. 3. Shinsekai yori, very underrated. 4. Acca-13, should've been 8,5 rated on MAL, but...
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    A good starter anime!

    For something that genuinely really good, and you could share with everyone, you really can't go wrong with fullmetal alchemist:brotherhood, avatar, haikyuu and slam-dunk. For something that genuinely really good, and a little bit "sus". I would recommend to start with Arcane or AoT.
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    What trope in anime that was weird to you at the start and still weird to this day?

    1. MC's family rarely have a role in the story. Or if it does, it must be because they're also have hidden powers like MC. 2. Chicks quickly get wet when MC get serious with their otaku hobbies/obsession. 3. Knowledge/skills MC get by being a weeb somehow gives him an advantage against other...
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    Most horrible anime you´ve ever seen

    The most disappointing for me is 2nd season of hayate no gotoku. 1st season is genuinely very good and funny, while next season they amped up the weeb shit, most jokes went through my head because only those japanese weeb would understand. But the worst anime imo is a tie between ex-arm and...
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    isekai that isnt shit

    Some well-thought isekai that isn't merely an otaku fantasy. 1. The beginning after the end. (if you think mushoku tensei is trash, than you might like this) 2. Youjo senki. 3. Dungeon Meshi (for me this is technically isekai). 4. Overlord. 5. Faraway paladin. 6. Suisei no gargantia (for me this...
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    Attack on Titan - Vol. 34 Ch. 136 - Offer your Hearts

    Don't mind me, I'm just collecting salt from yeagerists tears LMAO. C'mon Isayama, there's three chaps left. You know what Eren did is totally wrong. 😀
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    "My Father ran a small business in Japan" Lmao what a clever way to say that his father has worked for the Imperial Army in WW2. Either as a slave, or as a traitor.
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    Tonikaku Kawaii - Vol. 13 Ch. 127 - Manga is good and all, but watch the anime too!

    I have a gut feeling that Tsukasa's injury from chapter 1 is actually far more serious than we thought. And Hata-sensei slowly build the plot towards that huge twist.
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    Sousou no Frieren - Vol. 3 Ch. 20 - Teknik Master

    Hatimu pasti lemah. ❌ Titik lemahmu di jantung rupanya. ✅ TL masuk LIA deh biar b.inggrisnya diperbaiki.
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    Sousou no Frieren - Vol. 2 Ch. 17 - Frieren Si Pembunuh

    "Pembantai" terlalu mainstream, lebih ngeri "penjagal". Frieren sang penjagal iblis.
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    Sennen Kitsune

    I misread it as semen kitsune, lol
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    Mushoku Tensei ~Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu~ - Vol. 14 Ch. 65 - Ultimate Fiance, Part 1

    @Gabs999 Honestly, I think they should do Kinoko Nasu approach. It's better to leave the reader confused than to get bored.