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    shitpost here

    @bigtit just found out about this your thoughts?
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    Tell us, what's bothering you ?

    been trying to get a shiny new title in darktide but i keep dying on the last mission resetting my score back to zero its fucking pissing off
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    shitpost here

    BRO!!!! tbf ive never been a fan of ubisoft but motherfuckers are really pushing it with yasuke like really an assassin game centered around the most conspicuous man in japan...really? make it make sense
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    shitpost here

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    shitpost here

    when's his birthday? I think baby fish might have just turned old enough to drink cause he's acting out of character i.e he might be drunk
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    shitpost here

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    Kakushite! Makina-san!! - Ch. 1

    Reads summary "Robot made for sexual purposes" Say no more Followed
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    shitpost here

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    shitpost here

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    Monkey Peak - Vol. 12 Ch. 120 - Epilogue

    @Mr_Detective a little late to the party but i want to thank you for this gem now i gotta go binge it
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    A Manga about a Beautiful Girl

    no way
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    Tell us, what's not bothering you ?

    new berserk chapter is out :win: people complaining about the art but i think its fine 🤷‍♂️ (as well as the release time frame)
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    shitpost here

    for once i agree with you panda :thumbsup: :clap:
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    shitpost here

    tell me about it personally if they had come out and said that a new method was discovered in the creation of custodes that allowed for females to be created that would've been fine but the whole retcon is such an ass pull its not even funny
  16. sterven

    pokemon go is ruined

    omg i knew you were old but Jesus Christ you're ancient
  17. sterven

    Is the SAO LN badly written?

    I remember reading this on baka tsuki many moons ago honestly it was just a time killer but in my personal experience listening instead of reading a book hits different maybe you should read it instead and if you still don't like it then just drop it
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    shitpost here

    never have i wanted to slap someone more in my entire life i curse who ever made that abomination
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    Mahou to Boku to Dekkai Shishou

    bro i feel you i have the same ability but for yuri