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  1. Hacete

    Karakai Jouzu (?) no Nishikata-san - Ch. 7 - Gaze

    She looks so much like Takagi wearing glasses from this angle
  2. Hacete

    Cool na Doukyuusei no ◯◯ Nengo… - Ch. 97

    I see, Haru was a sure-to-happen event :smugnako:
  3. Hacete

    Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Ch. 111 - Kouhai and the Matter of Tsuki

    To be honest, I really like the idea she brought up. Teaching them both how to manage things when they are on their own! And I knew author was gonna pull that string again with these two alone 🤣
  4. Hacete

    The Dangers in My Heart - Vol. 11 Ch. 144 - We Told A Lie

    But still, it sure is a bold move to go out while he still has the lipstick on :dogkek:
  5. Hacete

    Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san - Ch. 308

    I like how this ultimately ends up with a situation where they all have to sleep with Chi-chan in the end 🤣
  6. Hacete

    Mato Seihei no Slave - Vol. 16 Ch. 131 - Due to My Feelings

    I almost forgot this was set in present day, with all the technology. Cause it's been a while since we saw them use something like smartphone :nyoron:
  7. Hacete

    Chigau Miyahara Omae janai! - Ch. 24

    So proud of him :glee:
  8. Hacete

    Isshiki-san wa Koi wo shiritai. - Vol. 7 Ch. 36 - Rokutanda Meishi Perseveres.

    What I learned from this chapter, is that laughing too much can be bad for health/stomach too :shamihuh:
  9. Hacete

    Nakamura-san, the Uninvited Gyaru - Vol. 1 Ch. 4

    What was he thinking there? Her to drown in a bathtub? :kek:
  10. Hacete

    Pumpkin Night - Ch. 107

    Even though this should be something that is naturally expected to happen in a series like this. I kind of feel sad to hear that :(
  11. Hacete

    Marriage Gray - Vol. 2 Ch. 28 - Birthday Mauve

    If you ever thought Valentine/White day was difficult in your school days, marriage gifts are on a whole another level :dogkek:
  12. Hacete

    Stalkers - Vol. 2 Ch. 10 - I’ll Chase After You ②

    Hope these two meet each other in person by the last chapter :lul:
  13. Hacete

    [PWA] UI overlap for rating on long titles

    You could just tap "see more" in the synopsis and allow yourself to scroll to the 1-star rating... But I do get your point, it doesn't work for every title, some might not have a synopsis that is long enough to even have the "see more" option. Can be annoying at those times. There is a...
  14. Hacete

    Hitomi-chan Is Shy With Strangers - Ch. 121

    The fact that this trope was done after they started going out and already exchanged their first kiss. It really was the best version of the Inside the Locker trope that has ever been done! :wooow:
  15. Hacete

    Ochikazuki ni Naritai Manga - Ch. 27

    It's been like almost 4 years since I posted that comment. In that period of time, I have grown to appreciate more styles than I did back then. I do say that any form of hair style could break through any armour given enough time. And I am saying this from personal experience as I have grown...
  16. Hacete

    Cool na Doukyuusei no ◯◯ Nengo… - Ch. 95

    That's so adorable :glee:
  17. Hacete

    Nan Hao & Shang Feng - Ch. 122 - The takeout came

    I honestly was gonna take his advice for untying knots, up until it was revealed that they ultimately resort to just cutting it 😂