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    Kuse Tsuyo Kanojo wa Toko ni Izanau - Ch. 1

    God I despise the lewd fakeouts.
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    Biryuu Enshoutan ~Jikokouteikan ga Gekitei na Dragon-kyuu Bishoujo Maou o, Yuusha ga Icharabu de Taijisuru Ohanashi~ - Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - Dragons, diseas…

    This literally just gets worse by the chapter between the MC and FMC, absolutely amazing how bad slop can be.
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    Convenient Semi-Friend - Ch. 16

    Senpair character is peak annoyance. Like a fly nonstop buzzing around. Lovely. At least we got more innocent Suuna folding Ruka over.
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    Keikenzumi na Kimi to, Keiken Zero na Ore ga, Otsukiai suru Hanashi - Vol. 5 Ch. 24

    Are the people angry in comments also the people that can't pick up on social cues IRL? Wym how are you supposed to know someone likes you, well maybe you're not 100% sure but you can sure have an inkling from the way they interact with you beyond being nice. Hint: just because they're nice to...
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    Oshikake Nyobo, Kodomo tuki! - Ch. 5

    Say what you will about the trio but I read this for the adorable Nozomi moments.
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    Jojoni Deremi ga Mashiteku Tsundere Gyaru - Ch. 13

    Still waiting for the title payoff, or at least the introduction of the FMC that actually fits the title.
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    Hiiragi-san is A Little Careless - Vol. 3 Ch. 32

    Well well well if it isn't the consequences of my own inactions...
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    Succubus to Hajimeru Shinkenkousai - Vol. 3 Ch. 12 - How do you kiss someone?

    Please don't hurt kokoro succubus-chan, she's too good to feel friend betrayal heartbreak :meguuusad:
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    Moto-Sekai Ichii Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki ~Hi-Player, Isekai wo Kouryaku-chu!~ - Vol. 9 Ch. 57

    Can I get a reminder of what he was up to in the library, or at least what chapter I could find this in? It's actually been so long lmao... Unless it's something that happened off-screen, in which case screw you author for gaslighting me!!
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    Zense wa Kentei. Konjou Kuzu Ouji - Ch. 41 - [Farewell] Part 1

    Holy fuck is this girl annoying. Clearly needs help but won't take a helping hand. Constant whining but won't take matters into her own hands. Please, by all means, if you want to die there's probably 15 different methods being in a forest where you can do it by yourself. Jfc
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    Dou ka Ore wo Houtte Oitekure - Ch. 22 - The Popular Girls in Class Still Won't Let Their Guard Down Around Me, Alright?

    You're now 8 comments deep into his behavior with triple the lines that he has in the chapter but sure buddy.
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    Isekai Walking - Vol. 7 Ch. 64 - Curse

    Chapter might feel like some bs but I feel like the demon was a pretty interesting character tbh.
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    Dou ka Ore wo Houtte Oitekure - Ch. 22 - The Popular Girls in Class Still Won't Let Their Guard Down Around Me, Alright?

    Man you sure do be projecting some insecurities and real life experiences into a 3 page airhead background character.
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    Gakeppuchi Reijou wa Kurokishi-sama o Horesasetai! - Ch. 3 - Winning Her Heart Through Her Stomach!

    Nobody gonna point out how her family is now eating luxury delivery now that she's gone? Sure seems fishy...
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    Tozaki-san wa Boku ni Dake Tsumetai - Ch. 6

    Talking about blondie tho? Side dude A is whatever.
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    Tozaki-san wa Boku ni Dake Tsumetai - Ch. 6

    Honestly don't like the busybody types. Like, just let them figure it out on their own? You're just causing more trouble with your meddling..?
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    Inaho-kun wa Nise Kanojo no Hazu na no ni - Ch. 1

    Well this was quite the plot change but I love FMC calling out the desperate "I want a girlfriend" trope as being cringy I guess. MC is pretty unsalvageable tho.
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    Tenkousaki no Seiso Karen na Bishoujo ga, Mukashi Danshi to Omotte Issho ni Asonda Osananajimi datta Ken - Vol. 5 Ch. 23 - Start Over From the Top, I…

    So hard to keep track of what's going on in this story when there's so many open plot lines...
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    Otaku ni Otoku na Gal Gurashi - Vol. 2 Ch. 9

    Honestly refreshing to have an MC that's not obnoxiously unlikeable or just downright misanthropic for a change, I'm glad this is back and I hope it goes all the way 🙏
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    Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku - Ch. 227 - You Reap What You Sow

    Love walking into the comments and people saying they're glad the romance got toned down like we're not on chapter 227 and this is the first hint that there's even any kind of relationship between MC and any heroine. :huh: Like you could just be forgiven for thinking it's all been platonic and...