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  1. Alvin2503

    Strategic Lovers - Vol. 4 Ch. 16 - Forced Move

    The artist/author makes mad hentai before this, I'm legit more surprised that he got a "non-hentai" (well it practically is now) series
  2. Alvin2503

    Kaguya-sama: Love is War

  3. Alvin2503

    Attack on Titan

    Zeke: "human are born to reproduce" Armin: "err... not really" Zeke and All of Ymir descendant: "Whaaaaa.........."
  4. Alvin2503

    Sekai no 4koma

  5. Alvin2503

    Wangan Midnight - Vol. 9 Ch. 103 - Keepsake ③

    Ooh even yamanaika is back
  6. Alvin2503

    Wangan Midnight - Vol. 8 Ch. 88 - Akasaka Straight ⑧

    Arrgh I wish masaki arc is in the anime
  7. Alvin2503


    Talk no jutsu saving lives once again
  8. Alvin2503

    Attack on Titan

    Why can't both colored and non colored be up to date on the same time?
  9. Alvin2503

    Shingeki no Kyojin (Fan Colored)

    Jesus christ, stop messing with the chapters.
  10. Alvin2503

    Attack on Titan

    The most recent chapter seems to be missing (109-110). I remember reading the non colored version of those chapter, but it suddenly went missing. The colored version had those chapter, what happened?