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  1. N2O

    To Be an Actor - Ch. 86

    :qq: aaaaaaaaaaa I happened to have a rly emotional song playing in the background-- got completely blindsided
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    Company and Private Life - Ch. 92

  3. N2O

    My Second Life Is a Healing Life? - Ch. 24 - Light in the Darkness (4)

    Gah, that made me tear up a bit. He's kinda like a post-insanity Itachi? I'm weak :qq:
  4. N2O

    Sword, Tiara and High Heels - Vol. 2 Ch. 14

    I'm kinda surprised by how cheap the monsters are in this
  5. N2O

    The Academy's Genius Swordsman - Ch. 48

    So. Why is he so close to Sarante again..? I feel like I'm missing something, didn't they meet only very recently? Yet these past chapters they've been acting as if they're grandpa and grandchild? Been confused about this the last few chapters because I don't remember anything of much emotional...
  6. N2O

    Before I Knew it, I Had Stolen the Dark Lord's Heart - Ch. 1

    Hope it turns out that she easily beats him at swordsmanship, making her (unknowingly) a prodigy
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    Even Though I'm a Lesbian a Boy in the Neighborhood Asked Me to Marry Him. But Ten Years Later... - Oneshot

    When I read the title I thought he'd get turned down and 10 years later they'd come back after MtF transition just to date her
  8. N2O

    Genkai OL to Joshi Daisei ga 〇〇 Suru Hanashi - Ch. 9.3

    Aw.. Thanks for TL so far, hope someone picks this up soon.
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    Genkai OL to Joshi Daisei ga 〇〇 Suru Hanashi - Ch. 7.2

    What I'm getting is that I need to stop cleaning my apartment :meguu:
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    Genkai OL to Joshi Daisei ga 〇〇 Suru Hanashi - Vol. 1 Ch. 6.4

    Page 7, "Rof real" -> "For real"
  11. N2O

    Akuyaku Reijou desu ga, Watashi o Anata no Seidorei ni Shite Kudasai!

    I dunno. It's not good as ero, it's not good as adventure, it's not good as villainess, it's not good as comedy.. It really just fails on all the boxes it has :nyoron:
  12. N2O

    Goodbye, Overtime! This Reincarnated Villainess Is Living for Her New Big Brother - Vol. 1 Ch. 5

    Really enjoying this so far, thanks for TL :hearts: well written backstory to the characters, the world building seems sensible, it doesn't seem like it'll be overly rushed in any way or force me to suspend my disbelief too much. Also we have a siscon who has good reason to be :win: rare! MC...
  13. N2O

    Serious Villainess! - Vol. 2 Ch. 6

    They really gave her mind control... :huh:
  14. N2O

    Serious Villainess! - Vol. 1 Ch. 5

  15. N2O

    Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol Datta: Cool kei no Kanojo wa Genjitsu demo Yome no Tsumori de Iru - Vol. 2 Ch. 17 - Mutual Feelings

    Well I guess I could kind of tell it was gonna end up like this right from like ch2-3 with how the character dynamics were written, but I'm still a bit sad we couldn't get a more (relatively) serious romance manga with this setup. I can only think of Yamada-kun to lv999 no Koi wo Suru and...
  16. N2O

    That Villain's Life, I'll Live It Once

    Every part of the plot is the exact same one you've read in other otome manga a million times over step for step, and poorly executed at that. Copypasted characters with motivations and personalities like cardboard, no world building, messy writing overall and extremely forced progression. This...
  17. N2O

    Gyaru Maid to Akuyaku Reijou: Ojou-sama no Happy End shika Katan! - Ch. 2 - The Fated Meeting is a Fatal Meeting

    Estella's face whenever Serina digs her grave at every turn :dogkek: poor girl. I can easily see this becoming one of my favorites in the villainesse genre, thanks for TL! Agreed, she seems to have a lot of actual personality. Sadly somewhat rare for heroine characters in otome settings...