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    Boku ni Korosarero - Vol. 1 Ch. 3.2

    Now you fucked up
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    Daredemo Dakeru Kimi ga Suki - Ch. 36 - Just Like In Elementary School

    He lost his purity to a slut instead of Akito smh
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    More Than Lovers, Less Than Friends - Vol. 4 Ch. 39

    Even children know what they want
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    Ore no Kurasu ni Wakagaetta Moto Yome ga Iru - Ch. 3.2

    Have sex (again [no protection])
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    Daredemo Dakeru Kimi ga Suki - Ch. 35 - (New) Do You Want To Have Sex?

    Silly japs, you guys don't make good comedy straightforward. Make it a drama where it turns into an unintentional comedy, that's where your talents lie.
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    Yome Gaki ssu - Ch. 16

    If she became like this just because of booba grope then peepee in veejay will be like genital armageddon
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    Came for zombies, stayed for tentacles
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    “Okaeri, Papa” - Ch. 19 - Discord

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    Kanan-sama wa Akumade Choroi - Ch. 97 - Jeanne’s Heartfelt Reunion

    I believe in Valentine-sama supremacy DON'T HURT ME NO MOAR
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    Daredemo Dakeru Kimi ga Suki - Ch. 34 - (New) Did You Quit?

    I feel bad for japanese readers who have to buy to read. Anyways, choo choo for this trainwreck, no brakes
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    Offline Meeting with A Tall Jirai Kei Girl - Ch. 6

    Sniff like there's no tomorrow
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    Yome Gaki ssu - Ch. 15

    Author just stepped on the gas, very noice
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    Harapeko Succubus wa Ikasetai noni! - Vol. 1 Ch. 4

    Farts in japanese media are so refreshing