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  1. jonnywarlock

    Sora wo Matotte - Ch. 21 - Through the long night

    Oh. Oh no. Alarum, Mayu! Alarum! Somebody is trying to horn in on your sweenatured-albeit-oblivious dumbass of a man. 😢 Still... That was nice painting Gao did for her Da. I'm glad she finally got through to him.
  2. jonnywarlock

    I Only Want to Beat You - Ch. 156

    Oh, Lee Gigo, you absolute romantic, you. :glee:
  3. jonnywarlock

    What's 1 + 1? - Oneshot

    Don't let Terrence fucking Howard see this. He'd have a heart attack. 🤭
  4. jonnywarlock

    Arrogant Slave - Ch. 19 - A Visitor

    Eyo! That guy is too handsome to be one-shotted.
  5. jonnywarlock

    Company and Private Life - Ch. 92

    His mole is looking at her suspiciously...
  6. jonnywarlock

    A Manga about a Beautiful Girl - Ch. 5

    It's all right, boy. She is a flighty one. She goes wherever the wind may take her. And that wind usually smells like snacks. 🤭
  7. jonnywarlock

    Misato-san wa Amasugi Joushi ni Chotto Kibishii - Vol. 3 Ch. 18

    Konishikawa is such a cutie. How could he not expect people to like him when he goes around offering them motherfucking bunny bread... Well... I guess we're back to square one, albeit with Konishikawa being a bit more aware of how Misato might feel about him. Sadly, it just made him play...
  8. jonnywarlock

    I Only Want to Beat You - Ch. 155

    Bahahah, ayeah, bwoi... 🤭
  9. jonnywarlock

    Imasara desu ga, Osananajimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimaimashita - Ch. 13 - Gloomy, Doomy

    He's her sunshine on a rainy day and she ain't even aware of it. 🤭
  10. jonnywarlock

    Rouninsei to Eroiyatsu - Vol. 2 Ch. 11

    At this point, I've started to look forward to this duder's NTR imagination spots. 🤔 I do love that he's so laser focused on getting to that beach outing with Fujiyoshi that not only did he take out the thot, he always did not give a single fuck about her for that entire period.
  11. jonnywarlock

    Drunk Lady Warrior Belle. - Ch. 15 - Belle, the drunken mercenary lady looking for a new employer

    Noooooo! What are you doing, author-san? You were supposed to make me laugh and feel a little horny, not make me sad.... 😭
  12. jonnywarlock

    Rouninsei to Eroiyatsu - Vol. 2 Ch. 10

    Dream girl! 😍
  13. jonnywarlock

    Seiryaku Kekkon wa Otakoi no Hajimari - Ch. 8

    something something ah get married already, oh wait That was quite a text dump from butler-san, but I guess we don't really have much time. It did clear up a lot of stuff and gave Kouichi the resolve he needed to declare his love. 🥲
  14. jonnywarlock

    Yumenashi-sensei no Shinroshidou - Vol. 3 Ch. 15 - ASPIRATION: MALE IDOL PART 9

    No, no... No stabbing yet... They both haven't hit rock bottom yet.
  15. jonnywarlock

    Ogami Tsumiki to Kinichijou. - Ch. 27 - Hebizono-san and the Mirror

    I've always loved the Invisible Man kid... But never in my wildest imaginings did I ever I think that he'd actually be potentially paired up with Hebizono. That's just... Wonderful. 😍
  16. jonnywarlock

    A Manga about Searching for a Serial Killer on a Stranded Ship - Oneshot

    Cute story. I hope they survived that and get rescued by another ship. So they can eat more of their delicious comrades.
  17. jonnywarlock

    I Only Want to Beat You - Ch. 154

    A little Ham and Park goes a long way. 🤭 Ahhhh, these crazy kids...
  18. jonnywarlock

    Ao no Hana, Utsuwa no Mori - Vol. 7 Ch. 32 - Chapter 32

    Thank you for the translation! Seeing Aoko and her family's reactions when Tatsuki dropped the "L" word... Magnifique. 🥲 Seeing Tatsuki being tipsy and very expressive of his feelings is a nice reminder that he and alcohol don't really mix that well. It's a nice capper for their evening. 😍
  19. jonnywarlock

    I Only Want to Beat You - Ch. 153

    Oh boy.