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    Medalist - Ch. 42 - JGP Round 1 Bangkok SP

    LFG! Win this!
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    Garaku - Oneshot

    I too am here after he showed us who had the biggest dick in the room.
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    My Life as Inukai-san's Dog - Vol. 9 Ch. 65 - Your Hand

    Bruh she really did end up being a dog fucker 😭
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    The Holy Grail of Eris - Vol. 11 Ch. 49 - Beyond Fate

    Father of the year 👍
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    Medalist - Vol. 10 Ch. 40 - Mentor

    Oh bruh that's some delicious irony! Absolute cinema.
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    Sousou no Frieren - Ch. 129 - The Shadows of the Empire

    LFG come on I want to see our girl Frieren spilling some blood.
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    The Holy Grail of Eris - Vol. 10 Ch. 42 - Constraints

    Understandable thanks for the translation. Good thing is this series got an official translation. Bad thing is, Yen Press is the one picking it up so expect the official translation to reach this point in 2026? lol fucking Yen Press.
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    IDOL×IDOL STORY! - Ch. 38 - Change

    Oof. But nice complex feeling there.
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    Official English translation for Vol. 9 is out today!
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    Hijiri-kun wa Kiyoku Ikitai - Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - Master & Pervert Pig

    I know there's a butt in this chapter but this panel is the sexiest in the whole ass chapter.
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    From Black Santa - Oneshot

    Do pages 37-38 imply that he kills her bio dad? Page 38 have him destroying the evidences...
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    Girls' Frontline - Ch. 39 - Deep Dive

    Thanks for the TL!
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    Mikadono Sanshimai wa Angai, Choroi. - Ch. 101 - The sisters' confessions.

    Aw fuck I think Niko's the best looking but Miwa's line is the best, by far. Kazuki's desperation is also really nice.