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  1. Zacoras

    Akuninzura shita B-kyuu Boukensha: Shujinkou to Sono Osananajimi-tachi no Papa ni Naru - Ch. 9.1 - I'll Send You To Your Precious God (1)

    Before this chapter I was reading the manga The Reincarnation Record of a Misanthrope, and I was saved of that crap of "Eternal choosing MERCY lazy ass writing characters" in that chapter they forgive slave hunters ravaging a village they build and just put a stupid duel without intention of...
  2. Zacoras

    Kami Neko Mii-chan to Neko Youhin Shoukanshi no Isekai Funtouki - Vol. 2 Ch. 13 - Mii gets involved in dungeon exploration

    Not axed but eternal hiatus, not sure how many chapters was left to the hiatus point
  3. Zacoras

    Mugen no Skill Getter! - Vol. 4 Ch. 22

    I do that when they are fighting when I feel that moral nonsense coming, and the previous chapters too when he was encountering evil vibes bad guys being honestly I skipping pages and dialogs since the receptionists kidnapping by the excuse of the is too indifferent, and nobody what skills has...
  4. Zacoras

    TS TENSEI shite Masaka no Sub Heroine ni. - Ch. 1

    If you are a TS lesbian isekaied from a boy, is a good idea eat the same girl (a crazy nympho) in the same room with a desperate man that is easy going to do crazy things like going with the flow and rap... share his weiners to you by the creative idea of the noob slut
  5. Zacoras

    Dungeon Tou de Yadoya wo Yarou! Souzou Mahou wo Moratta Ore no Hosoude Hanjouki - Ch. 39

    Damn that LN spoilers hurt so much, that I hope the editors force him to solve that stupid spoiler (just read the previous comments you can find it there)
  6. Zacoras

    Rekkyou Sensen - Vol. 2 Ch. 6 - Interlude A

    Can you add the missing chapters before continue the next chapter
  7. Zacoras

    Sen no SKILL o Motsu Otoko Isekai de Shoukan Kemono Hajimemashita! - Ch. 71

    Yeah put us a time skip of 14 years after that bag full of crap arc, who cares just end it with no more of that b.llshit filler BTW I am fan to say, that MC or the for potatoes reasons eternally not present angel-god can easily avoid that trap that doomed us with the filler arc, and every...
  8. Zacoras

    Sharehouse Nile - Vol. 2 Ch. 9 - Familia

    En primer lugar deja de enamorarte de gente pendeja y quédate con tu amigo que se preocupa por jean
  9. Zacoras

    Kamigami no Kago de Seisan Kakumei - Vol. 3 Ch. 11.2

    He is married with his Waifus he can't be stupid to make choices that make her sad Normally married people in those stories can't make dump choices, there are not indecisive generic MC with bland moral ethics by the grace of inexperienced authors in his lazy writing
  10. Zacoras

    Kamigami no Kago de Seisan Kakumei - Vol. 3 Ch. 11.1

    It's nice to see a story with NO MERCY to psychopaths genocides soldiers
  11. Zacoras

    Koyuu Skill "Dorei Zukan" - Ch. 1

    Please can you continue this manga
  12. Zacoras

    Karate Survivor in Another World - Vol. 8 Ch. 50 - Reunion

    You know in that world you can count with your finger something that looks pretty or cute, or something that don't have nasty backstory
  13. Zacoras

    Dungeon ni Hisomu Yandere na Kanojo ni Ore wa Nando mo Korosareru - Ch. 13.2

    Being honest this manga will be Axed, just we need to enjoy this looping b.llshit of wasted plot armors yanderes
  14. Zacoras

    Heiwa no Kuni no Shimazaki e - Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - DEAR SHIMAZAKI AND THE LIMITED FIGURINES

    They are very dangerous individuals but you have a dangerous society, bullying is no good mostly near emotionally exhausted war veterans
  15. Zacoras

    Dungeon ni Hisomu Yandere na Kanojo ni Ore wa Nando mo Korosareru - Ch. 13.1

    Someone flood us with spoilers to to tolerate this morbid bulls... convenient yandere plot armor Being honest with this storytelling the starting point (chapter 1) of being exiled in the dungeon was just an useless filler without conclusive purpose you know the vengeance part that the author...
  16. Zacoras

    Kyuuseishu ≪MESHIA≫~Isekai wo Sukutta Moto Yuusha ga Mamono no Afureru Genjitsu Sekai wo Musou Suru~ - Ch. 35 - Getting Closer

    If you have the opportunity to going to the past I don't recommend you to go to Germany 1935 there is a low survive rate and lots of your crazy friends there
  17. Zacoras

    Seikishi no Ore ga suki ni natta heroine ga zokuzoku to Aitsu no Harem member ni natte shimaundakedo Ore no Nani ga Ikenai noka Dareka Oshiete kure!!…

    If we are that knight the first thing can think as an option is wish the best luck and GTFO that shitty logic system and start the premature retirement like by this logic: "The kingdom and the gods need to save the humans with that Shitty Heroes, I will miss my past life but prefer see the...
  18. Zacoras

    Boku to Kanojo no Meguru Isekai - Ch. 3 - Elves Village

    For some reason I start to feel we need some serious spoilers to tolerate an over plot armor god blessed Yandere running free and rotting our cliche fantasy world
  19. Zacoras


    Es cómico, cute y asqueroso, pero me encanta
  20. Zacoras

    The Reincarnated Noble Who Was Exiled, Uses a Useless Skill to Rule Over Domestic Affairs~ Was Supposed to Run the Territory Freely, but Thanks to th…

    He will be OP his skills is GACHA you know that skill that gift 50/50 useful/useless things based in the concept that in real life is ALWAYS management in the worst ways posible by greedy person to gullible clients that not understand the words "addicted to gambling" BTW nobody noted that those...