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    Eleceed - Ch. 298

    When he only have one brain cell and it's only thinking about brawling this is what he get lmao
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    Futago Matomete "Kanojo" ni Shinai? - Vol. 1 Ch. 2 - The nail that sticks out 'too much' does not get hammered down?

    Pretty sure their hair length is similar, it's just one of them tied the short hair sideways. If it's let loose it will probably be the same length, source: I have been tying up a girl's hair with a similar hair type.
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    Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda - Ch. 66.2 - The Grand Reconciliation Plan!

    The story which the title is "I want to see you embarassed" which is mainly about a horndog boy teasing girls in sexual ways?
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    Moto Ansatsusha, Tensei Shite Kizoku no Reijou ni Narimashita - Ch. 15.2

    Don't worry the story itself is pretty short and self contained, so it won't be dragged for long.
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    Kusuriya no Hitorigoto - Ch. 72 - The Fox And The Raccoon Dog Match Wits

    What? Never heard of that news, any actual news coverage proof? Last news I heard is the manga artist got diagnosed with brain aneurysm after having heavy headache, and no mention at all about "arresting" her. Perhaps you're mistaken with someone else. Edit: after looking it up more I found...
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    Asoko de Hataraku Musubu-san - Ch. 75 - The Moment

    I wish to have space time machine right now
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    Maria no Danzai - Ch. 24 - A Complete Mess

    I'm not really feel bad for the father since he's basically absent when his son needs him from bullying even to the point of dying, for a cop he can't even see what's happening or even care enough to his own son, he sucks.
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    Mieruko-chan - Ch. 57

    He's old so maybe he's seen so much shit that he has that kind of stance, compared to the much younger Romm who still thinks not all ghosts are bad. I'm guessing the old man was similar to Romm in the beginning but due to things happening, he developed a harsher way of dealing with things.
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    Mujina into the Deep - Vol. 2 Ch. 3.2

    Using 3D assets to help with the background is nothing new though, it's just usually not a well-known practice among common people compared to now. My friends even specialized in creating 3d background sets for manga/webtoons. With chatgpt it's probably just a rumor since it will only produce...
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    Mujina into the Deep - Vol. 2 Ch. 3.2

    What if those people using the mujina are actually the same governments to do their corrupt bidding? Like, they can get a lot of money from the crime and get rid of dissenters while having black sheep to blame.
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    Boy's Abyss - Ch. 173 - The Flame of a Righteous Life

    What salvation? He wanted to kill people while probably making the one woman who loved him pregnant with his baby and after that planning on going to double suicide with another girl, he's a freaking asshole at this point, he's starting to be the same as his mother, spreading abyss to everyone...
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    Webtoon Character Na Kang Lim - Ch. 138 - Belief or Reality

    I think there's something supernaturally wrong with them that only the little sister is aware of which made her not hate them so much compared to her brother, as the little sister seems to inform Yerim something which was deliberately shown without us knowing what it was.
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    Please Behave, My Wife - Ch. 65 - Letting Out The Frustration

    He's a victim, but when he didn't try to solve his problem and ran away, he lost his right to whine in my eyes. I know some people who have this kind of mentality, at first they make us feel they're pitiful but when after dozens of times they whine and we have shown them the way to solve their...
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    Please Behave, My Wife - Ch. 65 - Letting Out The Frustration

    What are you talking about? She's the one from the future from the very beginning of the story. Or do you mean you're hoping she just randomly said, "Dude I came from the future I'm your future wife, you're dead in an accident, your mom dying from sickness, we have a daughter btw"
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    The Villainess Can't Take Revenge on Her Reaper Father - Ch. 1

    Oh god yet again another "doing things completely shitty but actually having a heart like an angel" trope shit. If you act like a shit it doesn't matter what your heart actually thinks. "You're guilty of child abuse" "But sir! In my mind, I thought she was an angel!" "You did abuse her, you...
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    Boy's Abyss - Ch. 171 - Curse (Blessing)

    The author just wanted to create pieces of shit people in the story it made me think maybe they're having masochist tendencies even to be able to come up with this much abuse.
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    My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago - Ch. 264

    She probably didn't even understand the implication of giving her chat contact to random people, remember that she's basically have only 1 year of experience with technology and her experience dealing with modern people are limited to a couple of people who so far are always kind and never have...
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    S-Class Hunter Doesn't Want to Be a Villainous Princess - Ch. 28

    Typical MTL translation is littered with mistakes, I thought I'd blocked this Lua Scams upload but it still comes up in my feed.
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    My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago - Ch. 264

    For people like her, she probably thought he was randomly adding game buddies
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    Boy's Abyss - Ch. 167 - The Girl and the Kid

    Contrarily I think Sensei is still the voice of reason here, the other characters live in their heads and refuse to confront reality, and Sensei is the only one who forced them to see that their way won't work. "I want to die with her" "No you don't!" "I want to meet Nagi and die", "No you...