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    Misato-san wa Amasugi Joushi ni Chotto Kibishii - Vol. 3 Ch. 18

    I really like this manga, but I worry that the glacial pace + the repeated set back to 0's will result in some editor somewhere cleaving it in twain. Also it's a little frustrating as a reader to be jerked around.
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    Onnamaou-sama wa Yuusha-kun o Taosenai. - Ch. 7

    Hey, my first shout out! Yay! You're welcome.
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    The Dangers in My Heart - Vol. 11 Ch. 146 - I'm Not in the Mood for a Festival

    I get the reason for the super public rejection but it's leading to a lot of weird cringey interactions. I hope they are able to wrap this little arc up and get back to Ichikawa and Yamada being all awkwardly cozy together.
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    Isekai Walking - Vol. 7 Ch. 69 - Special Slave

    Ah, so this is when the dumpster begins smoldering. Sadge.
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    Because You Dazzled Me - Ch. 27

    I feel like the previous arcs went on too long and were a little bit torturous. I know I have been putting this one off until I saw END and then I was like, well guess I'll read 'em then. And I had to slog through a few chaps for an ending that was like welp. Editors need to be more "get on...
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    Koroshi to Uso no Marriage - Oneshot

    I wonder if the title page shows them burying Ruka or the criminals. She hasn't shown a lot of concern for hiding the bodies before.
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    Kurasu no Gyaru ni Kuuki Atsukai Sareteimasu - Ch. 22

    This ended up being weirdly heartwarming though?
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    Sugar Girl Drip - Ch. 1 - Dystopia Diner

    Yikes, but also I'm interested.
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    Takou no Koori Hime wo Tasuketara, Otomodachi kara Hajimeru Koto ni Narimashita - Ch. 0 - Promo

    Until someone else posts a chapter after a 4 month hiatus, then suddenly they'll be back and raring to go. For 3 chaps.
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    Okamigun × Heisotsu - Ch. 6 - Way of calling and Charm

    how are her boobs overlapping like that, i am p sure that is not how boobs work
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    45 Seconds - Ch. 10 - 45s

    Turns out the answer to my question in the last chapter's comments was "one". This is an all-time speedrun for resolving that particular story beat. And the entire relationship thing itself. My goodness.
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    45 Seconds - Ch. 9 - Spätlese

    ope I wonder how many chapters they'll do the "I don't remember anything! I was so very drunk!" thing?
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    45 Seconds - Ch. 8 - After Taste

    Man, hitting me with that "next chap is gonna be special" when there is no next chap uploaded yet. Got me all riled up. I needs it.
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    Kore kara Dandan Shiawase ni Natte Iku Kowai Onna Joushi - Vol. 4 Ch. 73

    That's not quite how mirrors work but I'm not really complaining.
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    Kenseijo Adel no Yarinaoshi - Ch. 2

    lol this manga is total schlock, bookmarked
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    Wasureenu Majo no Monogatari - Vol. 2 Ch. 7 - The Loneliness of the Crowd

    Thanks for picking up this series. Any kind of time loop manga sucks me in really bad, so I am looking forward to more of this.
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    When the Black Wolf Calls Me - Ch. 8

    Oh my god everyone she knows is a total bastard.