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    Charlotte - Vol. 4 Ch. 27

    Thanks for the chapter!
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    Charlotte - Vol. 4 Ch. 26

    Thanks for the chapter!
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    Masters of Lightning Knives - Ch. 16

    @Harrr just had someone reach out to me regarding that, since we aren't planning on it, they asked if they could. Which isn't a problem by us, their work is pretty good from what I could tell, so that's something to look forward to.
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    Masters of Lightning Knives - Ch. 16

    Chapter was done ages ago as it turns out, but never released for unknown reasons to me. Since Sub Scans has since rebranded into Last Scan Standing, we're currently not planning on continuing this series on the spot, But we're considering continuing it in the future
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    Request for group takeover 2.0

    My Group: My Profile: Proof:
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    I Log in Alone - Ch. 32

    Yessss, thank you for picking this up!
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    Tales of Demons and Gods - Ch. 313.5

    Oh damn, the translation is a lot better indeed
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    Immortal Swordsman In The Reverse World - Ch. 162

    Seems a pretty good translation to me :)
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    Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Emperor

    Almost forgot this manga existed 😅
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    I'm the Great Immortal - Ch. 260

    Thank you for translating this!
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    I'm the Great Immortal - Ch. 256

    Damn, this is a pretty good translation compared to the other ones I've been reading, keep it up!
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    Sword Dance Online - Ch. 26 - So It's You

    Oh hey, another actual scam domain at the end. Good translation though
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    Thanks for the uploads!
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    What the Heck, Why not?

    Thank you very much for all the uploads!
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    Shoukan sareta Kenja wa Isekai wo Yuku ~Saikyou nano wa Fuyou Zaiko no Item deshita~

    Absolute madlads, Keep up the amazing work Orangescans <3