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    Yowa Yowa Sensei - Vol. 3 Ch. 23 - Yowayowa's Swimming

    This trope of one of the main characters being unable to swim has always been so alien to me especially because I live in a country where swimming lessons are compulsory from a young age
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    Sometimes Even Reality Is a Lie! - Ch. 143 - Am I Not Your Girlfriend?

    @fritacos19 @waldo220 ch 27 pg. 8
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    Something Naughty Would Happen If They Knew Each Other's Thoughts - Ch. 5

    This getting anymore chapters or has it been dropped?
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    Asobinin wa Kenja ni Tenshoku Dekiru tte Shittemashita? ~ Yuusha Party o Tsuihou Sareta Lv 99 - Ch. 41

    I believe you are talking about the hero party. The party in this chapter is MC's old one that went up to the 80th floor, which he left to join the hero party
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    Nageki no Bourei wa Intai Shitai - Vol. 1 Ch. 3.2

    Reading this while tired was a big mistake, feels like I'm high