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  1. woulez

    Yuusha to Yobareta Nochi ni: Soshite Musou Otoko wa Kazoku wo Tsukuru - Ch. 28 - Let's Become Stronger

    Replaced the Lorem Ipsun page with the corrected one and added the missing page
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    I'll rate any song posted in this thread

    Today he judged a song I sent him on discord as 6.5 out of 10. This was the song: Link
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    Bimajo no Ayano-san

    @rygdar They also had ads and removed all licensed content. @supermoonchrome they were moderated because they broke our rules on personal attacks. I respect your opinion, but you are correct in assuming that I do not agree with it. If you hadn't used a slur towards me, I wouldn't have moderated...
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    Bimajo no Ayano-san

    No, we do not condone personal attacks, if you see those kinds of posts, report them and we'll moderate them. None of us claims to be omniscient and sees all that is going on everywhere on the site. @supermoonchrome the spoiler wasn't just that, it was also telling people the narrative and the...
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    Bimajo no Ayano-san

    @ndrew99 I don't know what information you've been fed but the history behind him leaving is basically the following turn of events: - He posted the entire plot of a title in a manga comment section. - Our rules specifically prohibits spoiling in that section and refers posters to go to the...
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    Affiliate Banner and Infrastructure Changes

    @ReverendJ I wasn't trying to be sultry, I was just saying that the link should work for android phones as well. Not sure why it seems to refer to apple store for you if you use an android phone, I'm not that good with phone support stuff :x @plykiya any ideas as to why it says that it's...
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    New Normal

    Come on, you guys know better than to attack people and be rude like this.
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    Affiliate Banner and Infrastructure Changes

    @ReverendJ the game works on Android as well
  9. woulez

    Affiliate Banner and Infrastructure Changes

    @razxiko I play it casually from time to time, it can get a bit confusing at the start but I think their discord contains a bunch of helpful stuff.
  10. woulez

    The Twins' Circumstances - Vol. 2 Ch. 45 - It's Almost The End Of The Year

    Thanks for this, very cute story. I'm happy there are people like you around to translate stuff like this.
  11. woulez

    After School Dice Club - Vol. 3 Ch. 25 - I Don't Wanna!

    @ShimizuA Thanks so much for your work, I was kinda sad to see this huge gap in this title, as I find this manga really fun. I hope you'll continue working with this one. 😊
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    The Third Impact: MangaDex Anniversary Celebration + Reddit AMA

    Yes, we do believe automod didn't like it. We're looking into it.
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    Tell us, what's bothering you ?

    @bigtiddyoneesan The doctors tell me I have a genetic version of something called "APCR" ( and that I will likely have to use anti-coagulants for the rest of my life. This really shouldn't have come as a surprise though as I have at...
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    Tell us, what's bothering you ?

    That after I had a Pulmonary Embolism in October I'm constantly tired. Not sure if physical or mental.
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    How to riot on Mangadex?

    After a short conversation with the rest of staff, we've decided to lock the thread based on the rules I mentioned earlier. (see Sorry for being a killjoy but I do think you can think of fun threads that aren't of this nature. If you think...
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    How to riot on Mangadex?

    @Tamerlane I already mentioned three rules that this thread may break, so that's not true.
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    How to riot on Mangadex?

    Guys, I know you're memeing (or at least I really hope you are), but the suggestions and discussions you have in here might lead to people using it as a basis for making our jobs as staff harder and might lead to abuse. Therefore I ask you to refrain from going overboard with the jokes, even us...
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    Darenidemo Dekiru Kage Kara Tasukeru Mao Tobatsu - Vol. 3 Ch. 19

    @aerozext sad to hear that it's become a chore for you. Take care of yourself and thanks for the good times.
  19. woulez

    Mega Anniversary III Judging Thread

    Honestly, it was really hard voting for just one entry this time around. Great job everyone, you deserve praise all of you.