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    Obokoi Majo wa Majiwaritai! - Vol. 3 Ch. 18

    Threesome :finnawoke:
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    Make the Exorcist Fall in Love - Ch. 67 - Planet of the Apes

    Between the cruse ship, what that dude was yelling, and what should be all of history up to that point, it's out there/ feaking cellphones and socal media. Hell people won't stop with big foot in real life but at this point I'm 90% sure it's a buff furry in cosplay
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    Tensai Majo no Maryoku Kare - Vol. 2 Ch. 21

    Ah, the magic of body contact :wooow: Thanks for the chapter, keep up the good work!
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    Make the Exorcist Fall in Love - Ch. 67 - Planet of the Apes

    :questionblob: It's really confusing that in a universe with active publicly visible miracles and witchcraft that society would operate like this. Witch hunts in real life only got demonized because there is no such thing as magic in reality, if witches were real and did the shit they were...
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    Majutsu Gakuin wo Shuseki de Sotsugyoushita Ore ga Boukensha wo Hajimeru no wa sonna ni okashii darouka - Ch. 55

    Did he lose the arm that had the anti magic ring on it? Kinda looks like it! Thanks for the chapter!
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    Obokoi Majo wa Majiwaritai! - Vol. 3 Ch. 17

    I wonder if this relates to their birth rates 🤔 Thanks for the chapter!
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    Misoshiru de Kanpai! - Vol. 12 Ch. 69 - School Trip - Day Two "Inside Their Shell"

    how the rumor started: "They kissed" How the rumor ended: "/g/##########....." Thanks for the chapter!
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    Obokoi Majo wa Majiwaritai! - Vol. 3 Ch. 15

    I guess if you live in japan and have to deal with the Isekai truck everyday, regular spirits are don't scare you that much Thanks for the chapter!
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    Ogami Tsumiki to Kinichijou. - Ch. 27 - Hebizono-san and the Mirror

    I went back and reread it and I didn't see anything about them being really expensive just "specal" and heck just having a band insted of prongs to rest on the ears is already special vs regular glasses. In this latest chapter it's just that "something is in the way" even a 100% transparent thing
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    Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu - Ch. 372 - The Mystery of Apathy

    You fool! You should have promised to marry her and carry her burdens with her, then be too embarrassed to back out when you realized you had misunderstood but it would all work out as you found yourself satisfied with Tanaka as your wife and mother of your three great kids! Thanks for the chapter!
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    Meiten Restaurant - Ch. 23 - Welcome to Hell

    I had to double check the numbers on page 5 and 6 kus that felt like it skipped a page or two, but no I guess the author wanted it like that / had to many pages themselves. Anycase thanks for the translation!
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    Ogami Tsumiki to Kinichijou. - Ch. 27 - Hebizono-san and the Mirror

    If glasses work, Why doesn't she just put a sheet of glass infront of her mirror?
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    Maou no Musume, Sugoku Choroi. - Ch. 60

    I wonder if restoring his soul will have effects on his personality / interests. Because while a summon in this universe seems to be under the whim of the summoner, a restored living Justie should have his own wants, desires, and motive. :thonk: Thanks for the chapter!
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    Tensei Mae wa Otoko Datta no de Gyaku Harem wa Okotowari Shite Orimasu - Vol. 2 Ch. 7

    The art is in a few spots is a lot like Is It Odd That I Became an Adventurer Even If I Graduated From the Witchcraft Institute? style. Highly recommend if you like fantasy comedy. Thanks for the chapter!
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    Giant Ojou-sama - Ch. 113 - Height! Why Are You So Big?

    Anyone got a link to the fanbox? ... what do you mean there is no fanbox? This Manga has so many wholesome pairings!
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    Sachiroku 〜Sachi’s Book of Revelation〜 - Ch. 26 - The Hungry Midnight Battle

    I feal like we get a few hints of what Ran's life was like up till now thst make her food drive sympathetic to a degree. Anycase I'm all aboard Angel Ran × Demon Q "corrupting" each other :meguusmug:
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    Ore no Kurasu ni Wakagaetta Moto Yome ga Iru - Ch. 3.2

    If it was his house, why didn't he just get one of his own jackets if he was going to resist the idea of wearing hers? Thanks for the chapter!
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    Watashi no Hatsukoi wa Hazukashisugite Darenimo Ienai - Ch. 4

    Blueballed :nyoron: Thanks for the chapter!