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  1. NotGary

    Shits and Giggles Thread

    wearing protection when interacting with kids in other words ? :pepehmm: seems a bit sus
  2. NotGary

    Shits and Giggles Thread

    you got fuckered
  3. NotGary

    monstergirl themed talk thread.

    which monstergirl do y'all think would be the best grill cook at like a summer coukout ?
  4. NotGary

    shitpost here

    or are finding a job.
  5. NotGary

    Post something that you worked on recently!

    haven't drawn in a bit cause exams. somehow I managed to make something pretty cool. (outfit from this challenge btw:
  6. NotGary

    farts and manic laughs

    what if mangadex was called freakdex and only had mangas about feet and licking toes ?
  7. NotGary

    Shits and Giggles Thread

    Kirby was righter
  8. NotGary

    what anime are you watching rn ?

    watching kaiji: ultimate survivor, rn. me and my homies love gambling
  9. NotGary

    US comics

    oh, so what exactly is your opinion on that ? for me, I wouldn't be surprised yet still disapointed from what I know of the comics industry, it seems like the kind of move they'd make.
  10. NotGary

    Shits and Giggles Thread

    guys who act like having a lil gay is inherently bad when it comes to social behavior are not built to handle social situations :boomer: (anyways, gonna go to sleep, you guys want my astral projection to get you guys anything ?)
  11. NotGary

    US comics

    I remember hearing that a batman comic used ai to generate the art for an issue or two. anyone got any information about that bit or did I completly dream that information up ? at the very least I remember how the artist credited had never been shown using the style present in the comic, how it...
  12. NotGary

    Shits and Giggles Thread

    so you tellin me you filled, dare I say stuffed full of warm liquidy emotions ? seems kinda gay.
  13. NotGary

    Shits and Giggles Thread

    your mom was gay and your dad was a lesbian. you godamn HETERO :pepehmm:
  14. NotGary

    Favorite manga

    man the anime was so good except for like half the episodes whenever the humans are onscreen. then it turns into generic boring isekai stuff. man I hope the second season eitheir kills all the humans or just forgets about them.
  15. NotGary

    Vtuber General Thread

    thoughts on neuro ? pretty neat gimmick imo, honestly tho, I kinda wished she didn't have such a big filter. althought that's more of a problem with any modern ai language models where since the track record is not so good they tend to usually over correct the behavior and making them boring...
  16. NotGary

    Tell us, what's not bothering you ?

    best way to not get ntr'd is by not having a girl to begin with.
  17. NotGary

    Shits and Giggles Thread

    not your first time at the furry convention I'm guessing. caude you got that dog in you.
  18. NotGary

    Tell us, what's bothering you ?

    okay, tomrrow's this week's final exam. meaning I'll have time to draw again fir a few days. you guys want anything ?
  19. NotGary

    Tell us, what's bothering you ?

    due to exams this week and next week, I won't have time to actually draw as I need to study alot. I really don't want my drawing capzilities to suffer but I doubt I'll have the time to draw anything that requires much effort in the meantime. :haa: guess I'll still try to make some doodles...
  20. NotGary


    short but good.