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  1. secondBLUE

    The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy at All - Ch. 88 - My Crush Has Gone Viral

    Dam, i love their taste in music (same as me)
  2. secondBLUE

    【Oshi no Ko】 - Vol. 6 Ch. 52 - Boyfriend, Girlfriend

    if my girl isn't like her i don't want it
  3. secondBLUE

    【Oshi no Ko】 - Vol. 5 Ch. 42 - Read-Through

    Shibuya conflict arc???? "YOU ARE MY SPECIALZ"
  4. secondBLUE

    Nan Hao & Shang Feng - Ch. 122.5 - Detective

    Careful, he's a hero
  5. secondBLUE

    Son of Nam - Ch. 53

    How the fuck did he get so jacked while fucking
  6. secondBLUE

    A Cool Older Lady Who Drives Me Crazy - Ch. 15

    No need to apologize brother