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  1. l0ner

    Wind Breaker

    thanks man.
  2. l0ner

    Wind Breaker

    [Removed] holy shit, you came through
  3. l0ner

    Tsukutte Agetai! Yomotsu Gohan - Oneshot

    Great chapter. O/T. I get the footnote, but isn't this based in Japan, where society is based around public transport a lot more? Your point is still 100% correct, but i just noticed this.
  4. l0ner

    Otoko wo Yamete Mita ~Gan ni Natta no de Josou shite Koi wo suru Koto ni Narimashita~ - Ch. 8

    I see this manga is still super underrated by the system. Makes me wonder why...
  5. l0ner

    Chii-chan - Vol. 1 Ch. 3 - Chii-chan's House

    dw she just a little goofy
  6. l0ner

    Shibatarian - Ch. 28

    Wait, why is she so strong again?
  7. l0ner

    Juujika no Rokunin - Ch. 164 - Are you... a woman?

    God, I've been hate-reading this for 80-90 chapters now lmao
  8. l0ner

    Mukuteru Aoi - Oneshot

    Damn, this was pretty good. Thanks for the translation.
  9. l0ner

    HITS - Vol. 7 Ch. 34 - Hero

    This manga is on crack, and i still love it.
  10. l0ner

    Sekigan no Shoujo - Vol. 1 Ch. 1

    So is no one going to talk about his family dying? The guy's dad killed his mum, and he (accidentally) killed his dad.
  11. l0ner

    Zeikin de Katta Hon

    Great S.O.L. manga. Really good MC with an interesting outlook on life, fun supporting characters, and gives you the insights of a library in the modern age.
  12. l0ner

    Zeikin de Katta Hon - Vol. 5 Ch. 36 - World's Most Beautiful Libraries

    I think it's because he's not preachy, he's just projecting his worldview. He's not acting like his words are gospel, but rather just explaining where he's coming from. Ishidaira is an interesting character.
  13. l0ner

    School Back - Vol. 2 Ch. 8 - The Type I Hate

    Oh damn, shitty mum time… had to have it all about her, otherwise, she was being abused. Jeeeesus.
  14. l0ner

    Boy ☆ Skirt - Ch. 2

    I like this manga.
  15. l0ner

    Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari - Vol. 5 Ch. 23 - Moving

    oh yeah, thanks for the translation!
  16. l0ner

    Henna Ie - Vol. 1 Ch. 2

    Thanks for the chapter. This became pretty interesting.
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    Automatic no, reading that description.
  18. l0ner

    Black & White - Vol. 3 Ch. 15 - Mistake

    God, that bitch.