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  1. carero12

    My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

    @Generika soo.. did you?
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    @Greyvenn same
  3. carero12

    The Fable

    @jandraw it's finished - all volumes are out, but it's not yet translated
  4. carero12

    Hunter x Hunter

    @Moonwatcher_WoF oh, maybe, but like, you didn't see hxh anime? it's SO FUCKING good
  5. carero12

    Hunter x Hunter

    @Moonwatcher_WoF yes I'm from anime. my reply is kinda old and I see I was way too rough back then on manga, but I think I still hold the last two points of it which were "lack of main characters (gon, killua) and way too much text". it might be hxh original BUT.. it's way less interesting than...
  6. carero12

    Boy's Abyss

    I hope to see how will situation between main character and his mother turn out, since he was mentally imprisoned by her. She played sad, poor and tired women who gives her best for the sake of family. She was openly showing her weaknesses just asking for someone to comfort her, and by doing so...
  7. carero12

    Tsumi to Kai

    Aku no Hana but way worse?
  8. carero12

    Ashita no Familia

  9. carero12


    R.I.P manga I wanted to read one day. I heard good things about you, but now all of it doesn't matter since reading a manga that you know will never have a ending is something an only masochist would enjoy or Isekai fan, I'm both so actually nice.
  10. carero12

    Brown Sugar Days

    Such a cute girl uwu
  11. carero12

    I'm in Trouble With She Who Has Too Much Libido

    I think I'm gonna try to avoid comments sections from now..
  12. carero12

    Yankee JK KuzuHana-chan

    @TrueGoddessReincarnation I'm totally serious tho. Prison School is bad in it's own ways, but compared to this manga it's way way better.
  13. carero12

    $100 Is Too Cheap

    Good read
  14. carero12

    Yankee JK KuzuHana-chan

    If you want to read a good manga with "A male to female ratio of 1:359" just go read Prison School, in every single way it's better than this.
  15. carero12

    Gyaru to Kyouryuu

    I wanted to see gyaru and dino being couple.. 😥
  16. carero12

    The Female Fridge No. 1

    Looking at this fridge kinda makes me horny
  17. carero12

    Cats Own the World

    Donyatsu vibes
  18. carero12

    Roland Roland

    All I wanted was fluff..
  19. carero12

    Hunter x Hunter

    Ok, wtf is this shit. It doesn't resemble original hunter x hunter at all. Tons of text, no main characters showing up, geez..