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  1. Henny_

    Mirai no Fuufu Desu Kedo? - Vol. 2 Ch. 20 - One Step

    Great to finally see it finished after all this time. Cute title. Thanks for the work!
  2. Henny_

    Land of the Lustrous - Ch. 100 - Harmony

    I love the insanely abstract territory were in. Phos is just a celestial being chilling with a talking rock. All this in a world currently void of any notable high-level sentient beings. I imagine things might have been peaceful at this time for Phos. More-or-less became a God, did their task...
  3. Henny_

    Warikitta Kankei desukara - Vol. 4 Ch. 17

    Peak chaos. I love it
  4. Henny_

    Kimi wa 008 - Vol. 7 Ch. 64 - Lulus

    Ayame must have heard boss music now that Lulus has been introduced. Her top waifu status might be in danger
  5. Henny_

    Kimi wa 008 - Vol. 7 Ch. 63 - A Kitty Friend

    I definitely need her to be a recurring character
  6. Henny_

    Jagaaaaaan - Vol. 11 Ch. 124 - A Game of Certain Death

    Outside of the spread, that was awful lmao. Dude told his nonsense backstory while in midair, then gives Jagaaaaaan some random ultimatum that is almost immediately overturned. Ok
  7. Henny_

    Virgins' Empire - Vol. 16 Ch. 226 - Good morning

    Their progression is going to be too good. I neeeeed it
  8. Henny_

    Ame to Kimi to

    God is jealous of this masterpiece
  9. Henny_

    Rojica to Rakkasei - Vol. 3 Ch. 25 - A Place to Return to

    Wonderful ending. Too bad we couldn't get more adventures. I'll definitely miss the art and the overall vibe. Bought 1 & 2 of the JP volumes a while back. I'll have to try getting the 3rd
  10. Henny_

    Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku - Vol. 8 Ch. 47 - I Know What it Means

    I wonder how long we'll have toasted Akebi
  11. Henny_

    Rojica to Rakkasei - Vol. 3 Ch. 24 - Among the Fireflies

  12. Henny_

    Kiruru Kill Me - Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - A Man's Resolve

    Nice art and pretty fun. Definitely need more
  13. Henny_

    Arakure Ojousama wa Monmon Shiteiru - Vol. 3 Ch. 20 - Break the horn, break the fang.

    He was finished after he saw her smile. No escape now. I hope we don't have to wait til the end for them to be a thing
  14. Henny_

    Arakure Ojousama wa Monmon Shiteiru - Vol. 2 Ch. 13 - And then the lady plays her hand

    They are painfully cute and this is not the kind of series that will reward that NOOOOOOOOO
  15. Henny_

    Jagaaaaaan - Vol. 11 Ch. 119 - Contact

    Finally joining the main story, I see
  16. Henny_

    Rojica to Rakkasei - Vol. 2 Ch. 14 - Shii-san's Long Day

    What an interesting character. Grateful to see this getting a TL again
  17. Henny_

    Social Game Girlfriend - Vol. 1 Ch. 16

    Went from simple and cute to all-out romance... acceptable
  18. Henny_

    Jagaaaaaan - Vol. 9 Ch. 99 - A Story

    Waiting for Chiharu to crash the party...or just curious of when he'll be back, in general