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  1. Guralub

    Hatarakanai Futari - Vol. 23 Ch. 1488 - Maki

    Introduce her before the kouhai and I'd have been all for her, but now I ain't jumping ships. Kouhai for life
  2. Guralub

    Hatarakanai Futari - Vol. 4 Ch. 188 - The Days with the Siblings

    And Momoe was never to be seen again
  3. Guralub

    Onegai, Nugashite. - Vol. 7 Ch. 70 - Naked Dating ❤️

    Regarding the TL note, looking at the bubble's border line you can assume that the last bubble is Kamite responding, and in that case he is probably saying "The front is a bit much", context and common sense is what allows the shortening of the phrase to just 前はいいって
  4. Guralub

    Hatarakanai Futari - Vol. 23 Ch. 1470 - Traveler

    Mamoru showing why he's the GOAT. We should all be like Mamoru.
  5. Guralub

    Osananajimi Kanojo no Morahara ga Hidoin de Zetsuen Sengen shite Yatta - Ch. 21.2

    A proper relationship, LET'S FUCKING GO!
  6. Guralub

    I'm an OTAKU but I want to fall in love with a gal - Ch. 108 - Extra (Kinjou-san)

    Well, nothing could be done, Osanai was the superior girl, after all.
  7. Guralub

    Galnanajimi wa Koko ga Suki - Ch. 2

    Buta has me by the heart and by the balls.
  8. Guralub

    Hatarakanai Futari - Vol. 22 Ch. 1443.1 - Extras

    Nishiguchi was introduced to take Maruyama's place in that paring, now that he has Takada
  9. Guralub

    Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu - Ch. 361 - The Mystery of Rizz

    Tanaka won guys, you don't need to read any more chapters from now on.
  10. Guralub

    Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu - Ch. 360 - The Mystery of 10 Years Later

    So Daisuke ended up with Tanaka, good. I won't read the next chapter because this is now my headcannon.
  11. Guralub

    TSUYOSHI - Vol. 8 Ch. 84 - Mastery

    Tsuyoshi being thirst trapped again, poor lad
  12. Guralub

    Osananajimi ga Hisabisa ni Saikai Shitara Otagai Kyonyuu ni Natteta - Ch. 41

    The only thing dangerous there is your fucking self-restraint, throw that shit away.
  13. Guralub

    Juu - Ninpou Makai Tenshou - Vol. 7 Ch. 34 - Chapter 10 Secret Messenger (Part 3)

    I really appreciate the translation of this manga. It has been a while since I enjoyed a manga this much.
  14. Guralub

    Hatarakanai Futari - Vol. 22 Ch. 1404 - His Type

    Mei unaware that she's being a wing woman. Gotta love children.
  15. Guralub

    Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-san - Vol. 7 Ch. 148

    Kouta-kun is going to have fun in the future
  16. Guralub

    Hatarakanai Futari - Vol. 22 Ch. 1400 - Good Smelling Woman

    Got get it girl! Maruyama is in your hands.