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    Featured manga tab gone!?

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    Rating groups an the quality of their work

    what right for user or reader to "punishing bad scanlators"? can't you just ignore them or you just some kind of ignorant ppl? not all LQ group taking money/want some donation. so far most of them was BIG GROUPS that usually Ask for donate,for fast release. I don't get it wth need such as rating...
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    The "Thank You" Button counter

    @minazukiCuumi Why? isn't this was good idea.
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    Make delayed releases show up in follow feed

    this suggestion make sense if it's big group that has website.
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    like mangago?

    @filipe I think @strawhatter mean kinda oppposite. first of all i know mangago REALLY HARD to download i had try download rare chapter *official chp* from there using many downloader. I try find the title that i want but doesn't found in any popular site like kissmanga or even if other site who...
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    Interview #3: Rhino36

    " If people tell you your release suck, maybe there's actually something wrong with it. Go work on that rather than throwing a fit and threatening to stop a series or scanlation at all " everyone has different personality and opinion, i had seen groups that want stop scanlating certain mnga...
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    Rate/Review Scantilator Groups

    if i were scanlation group.. i'll absolutely will not agreed on this.. this what i call " selfish request " you can just ignore it if the quality not enough for you ? what your right to judged scanlation group? they all give their time,money buy raw and effort no matter what quality it...