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  1. Akira9200

    Urasekai Picnic - Vol. 13 Ch. 70 - Pandora in the Next Room III

    oho, someone’s jealous because not getting an invitation to stay a night together with Sorawo :smugnako:
  2. Akira9200

    Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: Restart - Ch. 3

    thank you for picking this up it has been long time
  3. Akira9200

    Uma Musume Pretty Derby - Your Shadow Tracen (Doujinshi) - Ch. 3

    i like how this chapter translation released at perfect time where jumbo plushies kita-dia being trend right now, curren’s reaction probably how other family member’s reaction toward torena who bought that jumbo plushie :kek:
  4. Akira9200

    Uma Musume Pretty Derby - Kimi no Kanjou ga Shiritai (Doujinshi) - Oneshot

    i need more umamusu x female trainer stuff Tachyon being clingy is cute~
  5. Akira9200

    Sankakkei no Kowashi-kata - Vol. 3 Ch. 10

    that’s literally the exact point i said in first paragraph by saying Koto is the typical GF who afraid of losing something precious to her again. and by Yandere personality, i think you mistaken it as if that personality means she’ll kill somebody who tried to get close to Aya. if you read the...
  6. Akira9200

    Sankakkei no Kowashi-kata - Vol. 3 Ch. 10

    Koto truly a typical GF that easily got afraid that the thing she once had lost to get lost again. her possessiveness toward Aya could lead to Yandere personality if she unable to control that personality of her. it’s funny that between these three, only Aya who seems like trying moving forward...
  7. Akira9200

    Uma Musume Pretty Derby Anthology Comic STAR - Vol. 1 Ch. 9 - Cat's Advice

    Tachyon tried to drug Neicha but the side effect is way too absurd lol i wonder the drug from the last page was intended for Cafe 👀
  8. Akira9200

    Usotsuki Satsuki wa Shi ga Mieru - Vol. 9 Ch. 82 - Indomitable

    ngl, if it’s gonna happen, it means author gonna do kill tomboy gf all over again like in Walk in Death :fml:
  9. Akira9200

    Usotsuki Satsuki wa Shi ga Mieru - Vol. 9 Ch. 82 - Indomitable

    seeing the comments mostly about ‘Akibros loses over Komabros when Akira is literally the only person who mostly there for Satsuki’ really reminds me of certain series which MC prioritize first girl who rarely be there for MC while the girl who has been there for MC being sidelined by author for...
  10. Akira9200

    Usotsuki Satsuki wa Shi ga Mieru - Vol. 9 Ch. 82 - Indomitable

    author is so hyped for KomaSatsuki and make Satsuki says want to live together with Komachi ‘twice’
  11. Akira9200

    April Fool's Collection 2024 - Vol. 3 Ch. 17.1 - Mietemasu yo! Aizawa-san - Recap Episode!

    thx for giving summaries of this manga so far. it’s nice to re-remember all of the stuffs that have been happening without re-read from beginning. also, is page 14 has mistyped? which Kasumi mentioned “Michi and Kasumi can see Aizawa, which she thinks is a fairy”. from what i remember, it...
  12. Akira9200

    The Princess of Sylph - Vol. 3 Ch. 15 - Tuberose (3)

    that’s quite performance they did like a couple who found their partner doing something nasty in tv drama show :pepela: obviously that was fake slap, but they doing it like a real one lmao
  13. Akira9200

    Yume de Furarete Hajimaru Yuri - Ch. 37 - Breakfast

    it’s such a short chapter, yet very heartwarming <3
  14. Akira9200

    The Moon on a Rainy Night - Vol. 5 Ch. 17 - Yearning

    thanks for coming back again after long time no update kinda forget what happen to the plot, i guess i need to re-read from few chapters ago
  15. Akira9200

    Mietemasu yo! Aizawa-san - Vol. 3 Ch. 17 - KogaFes ~Eko, Eko, Azarak~

    this chapter is so damn wild, we got Sayaka who went from a silly and funny person to become hero for protagonist and her ghost gf by relying her ultra instinct. then we also got to know how sus Ange is, she might’ve done something bad to Aizawa in the past. last page is great stuff :wowee:
  16. Akira9200

    Wakeari Shinrei Mansion - Vol. 2 Ch. 16 - Sanba Carnival

    it’s not like miscom joke be plot for every chapters in this manga, so i think it’s okay to put it in this chapter even though there’s like many jokes out there that can be used for this chapter. given how the landlord is an airhead person, her for having hearing problem is quite understandable.
  17. Akira9200

    Wakeari Shinrei Mansion - Vol. 2 Ch. 16 - Sanba Carnival

    some pronounces in japanese sometimes can make the one who hear it thinking a different meaning. in this chapter context, “sanba” and “samba” words are close enough. there’s also other famous miscom joke such as when you’re asking for “yakisoba” but they bring “yakisaba” instead
  18. Akira9200

    Urasekai Picnic - Vol. 11 Ch. 67 - The Matter of That Farm IV

    i love how this series keep giving a chapter where half of the chapter giving wholesomeness moment between Sorawo and Toriko, then the next half giving creepy horror vibe shit (and vice versa)
  19. Akira9200

    The Day After Spring - Vol. 1 Ch. 8.3 - Cancellation Notice

    it’s joever eh but it was fun short ride although without proper closing hope the author will get well soon
  20. Akira9200

    I Don't Know Which Is Love - Ch. 28

    while Karin just reveal that she’s being girlfailure but also taking advantage of that charm of her to make Mei for herself is just… idk…. i don’t like that kind of pushy person. especially when she’s just fine with doing two timing.