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  1. ChrosisOria

    Remote Jugyou ni Nattara Class 1 no Bishoujo to Doukyo Suru Koto ni Natta - Ch. 2

    omg an mc with a functioning brain, if he backtracks immediately next chapter I'll lose all hope
  2. ChrosisOria

    I Only Want to Beat You - Ch. 156

    chapters back to back have been a W
  3. ChrosisOria

    Baki Rahen - Vol. 3 Ch. 23 - A Painful Memory and His Desire

    In baki pickle takes bite out of you
  4. ChrosisOria

    Webtoon Character Na Kang Lim - Ch. 159 - Na Kang Lim's Strategy

    are we reaching the climax?
  5. ChrosisOria

    Tied to Twins - Vol. 1 Ch. 1

    what have I stumbled into
  6. ChrosisOria

    Kuse Tsuyo Kanojo wa Toko ni Izanau - Ch. 2.2

    morning wood ey
  7. ChrosisOria

    I Only Want to Beat You - Ch. 155

    hell yeah
  8. ChrosisOria

    Osananajimi ga Hisabisa ni Saikai Shitara Otagai Kyonyuu ni Natteta - Ch. 52

    bro is going to get folded like an omelette
  9. ChrosisOria

    303-Goushitsu no Kami-sama - Ch. 14 - She Fell in Love

    did the previous chapters cause a lot of backlash? cause this chapter was basically reverting everything that happened before. am confusion
  10. ChrosisOria

    Kawaii Kanojo-chan - Ch. 29

    is it more fucked up to be kept in a basement or be killed
  11. ChrosisOria

    Aitsu no Kanojo - Ch. 40 - I wanna touch it then

    after everything this manga has given so far I've learned to not get angry at shit like this
  12. ChrosisOria

    My Dog Becomes a Human - Ch. 25 - My Dog Becomes a Human (Uruha's Memories Part 1)

    bitch leaves without a word and expects to have custody
  13. ChrosisOria

    Oshibana! - Ch. 29

    I'd kick you in the balls but I don't think you have those
  14. ChrosisOria

    Ran and the Gray World - Vol. 7 Ch. 48 - Up Into the Clouds

    ngl it was a beautiful manga, art-wise it's amazing, story had its ups and downs but at least it ended on a high and the battle part with the insects had me hype for a bit until it got frustrating near the end. Unfortunately the ending doesn't get me emotional or anything nor does it leave me...